Portal Cake Recipe
Contrary to popular opinion, the cake is not a lie. At least, not this one.

Because I lived in a dorm section affectionately referred to as "the gamers' suite", I inevitably hear of every new major game release, and bear witness to the excitement that follows shortly after completion of said games.

This time was no exception, with the release of The Orange Box from Valve, or specifically, the game Portal. After hearing the "Still Alive" endgame track more times than I care to recall, and having everyone go into hysterical fits of giggling at the mention of the word cake...

I finally gave in to the inanity (and no, that's not a typo).

My suitemates were ecstatic and gleefully obliged me, providing several in-game reference photos of aforementioned cake. This image is probably the best one, alongside someone else's early attempt to re-create the cake from the recipe mentioned in the game itself (I have no idea where it can be found, as I've never played Portal before). However, since some elements in the recipe seem less than savory (I mean, fish shaped ethyl benzene?) I decided to do my own thing; start from the reference and build up from there.

It's an experiment in the truest sense, really. I haven't done this before, so what you'll see is what I'll get as I tinker around.

That being said, feel free to join me as I attempt to bring this unusual culinary project to completion.

NOTE: The Weighted Companion Cube is NOT my creation, but the papercraft artist and the build plans for him can be found here: Companion Cube Papercraft

Step 1: The Conceptual Blueprint

Believe it or not, there's a method behind the madness of all this.

  • When attempting to pull of a re-creation of something, looks are everything, if not a major part of the appeal. As obvious as it seems, this means that the inside of the cake, if you're willing to disregard the in-game recipe, can be anything you want, as long as it has the correct shape and has a dry, solid surface. You could take cardboard, frost the panels, and top it with red ping-pong balls and balsa wood chips if you were determined.
  • Basically, the type of cake base used can be anything your little heart desires, whether it be chocolate, devil's food, yellow cake, or even red velvet.

Well, almost anything - I wouldn't recommend trying it with spongecake or angel food due to the delicate structure of the crumb. Just as long as it can hold itself up in layers and can take frosting on the surface without much damage.

  • The same principle applies when deciding what to put between the layers. It's recommended that you put something there, since it'll help the layers stay together and make the overall cake more stable.

It can be as simple as frosting-in-a-can or whipped cream, or as complex as chopped fruit and melted chocolate. Nothing too wet, though, you want the layers moist, but not soggy.

Now, even though you can't take as many liberties with the exterior, the ingredients aren't set in stone for it either. Based on the reference photos, these main things make this cake recognizable (at least, to people who have played the game before):

  • a rough-looking, brown exterior
  • eight (8) cherry red decorations set in a ring of white frosting
  • said decorations evenly arranged in a circle on top
  • a thin white candle (optional) set in the center

The possibilities for replicating these components of the appearance are entirely up to you. See what works or is most readily available to you.
<p>It is a real cake. The recipe was bought from a bakery near Valve HQ.</p>
Wow just a few days after I submit mine.
<p>Yours isn't a real cake</p>
I remember getting a cake just like this on my b-day, even though my parents hadn't seen the cake or heard me talk about it. It was an amazing coincidence.
I used part of your recipe and made this for my friend's birthday! ^_^<br> <br> <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/firefly21angel/6927837577/" rel="nofollow">http://www.flickr.com/photos/firefly21angel/6927837577/</a><br>
So if i want to make a full version of this, i just need more cake mix, and 2 more 8&quot; round pans.
I'm asking my mom to make me this for my birthday!
awesome working. ;)
This is perfect working. ;)
awesome working. This is perfect work. ;)
yes this is perfect work. ;)
It was only a matter of time...
Cool idea. Wonder when someone's gonna make a Tardis cake, would look awesome.:))
A Portal cake i made for a friends birthday =)
WAIT!!!! WHY&nbsp;IS&nbsp;EVERYONE&nbsp;MOURNING&nbsp;THE&nbsp;LOSS&nbsp;OF&nbsp;THE&nbsp;COMPANION&nbsp;CUBE?!?!?<br /> in the begining of the game GLaDOS says &quot;ALL ApEtUrE ScIeNcE TeChnOLegY CaN WiThSTaND&nbsp;TeMpEtUrEs Of Upto 4000 DeGrEEs KeLvIn&quot; doesnt that mean the Cube is still Alive....because the Cube SURELY&nbsp;wasnt invented by Black Mesa!!!! But of course that doesnt mean that poem on the walls wasnt awesome...&quot;the Reaper came today...an angel&nbsp;walked down the grey path...and took the Cube away.&quot;
(spoiler alert) Actually the companion cube did die because in the end of the test chamber you throw it into the glowing hole that is made to destroy apeture sience technology, You use the same sort of furcance to &quot;kill&quot; GLaDOS i the end
Yeah but, then, how is the cube there sittin in the background when GLaDOS puts out the cake flame??? Mabye&nbsp;more cubes?!? but&nbsp;i thought there were only 2 subjects...so&nbsp;why would&nbsp;the Vital apparatus vent have so many extra pals?!? Oh well might as well wait for Portal 2 and Half Life 2 ep. 3 some more...mabye theyll give us some answers...mabye not.
&nbsp;Nobody can know for sure yet... there are infinite ways of thinking about the last scene with the cake.. it might have been a dream because at the time GLaDOS was completely destroyed and you (can't remember the name of the charater sorry) lies outside the aperture sience lab... please valve make a portal 2 instead of CS 2!!!!
Counter Strike 2? Do you mean Left 4 Dead 3 (lol)
Somthin else that boggles me...on the wiki page it&nbsp; said GLaDOS&nbsp;was activated in 1983, so the vents of Portal would take place in about&nbsp;1984 so that means that we wouls have the intra dementional gates and a gun that harnesses their power&nbsp;before 8-bit videogames...strange
&nbsp;You know we could discuss this forever... the amount of fanfiction about portal is massive... actually 1984 sounds like a probable tear if portal takes place about 2005 if you look at the condtition of the facilities after TC19, rusty and too close to completely ruined to be just a couple of years old... on top of that the facilities are close to completely abandoned... i think the borealis simply got aperture out of busniess and the events in portal are completely run by GLaDOS
and half life take places in 200- meaning beetween 2000 and 2009 so we would have portal storms evil aliens and zombies before the Iphone 4
Wow I bet you guys will be happy to know theres a portal 2 coming out on February 19, 2011. And the best part.... ITS ALSO GONNA BE FOR PS3.
Oops just found out how old this thread is :)
In Portal 2 GLaDOS says she has warehouses full of the things.
The COMPANION CUBE IS ALIVE! (look at he trailer for portal 2)
(Continuing argument) Portal was realased in '05 but ya know.. I'm putting an end to this (till &quot;sometime&quot; in 2011 when the sequel is released) this all started when I got bored and discovered apeturelabratories.com and it's LOADED with easter eggs...
Yes, while you do &quot;kill&quot; GLaDOS in the end, you put this up before the announcement of Portal. Where GLaDOS comes back. companion cube=still alive.<br><br>I am disappointed at your lack of ESP to determine GLaDOS would come back in Portal 2.
&nbsp;This was a Triumph.
I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS
Its hard to overstate my satisfaction, Aperture Science
what is it
Ok I think you're overdoing it a little bit there bud.
Have you seen the ending credits? and the song?
Yeah beat the game months ago.
2 Last comments killed it.. :(
Yeah, want to start over?<br>This was a triumph.
I'm making a note here.
Huge success
It's hard to overstate my satisfaction .
Apurature Science &quot;insert catchy jingle&quot;
We do what we want....because we can.
We do what we must, because we can.(You are wrong)
For the good of all of us.<br>Except the ones who are dead.<br><br>(Sorry, I always thought thats what it said)
But there's no sense crying over every mistake
you just keep on trying 'till you run out of cake
And the science gets done and you make a neat gun <br>For the people that are still alive
I'm not even angry. I'm being so sincere right now. Even though you broke my heart. And killed me (waits for someone to ruin this with another dumb question)
And tore me to pieces.(Indeed.)
And threw every pieces into a fire(Yes)

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