The idea of our project was to build a small capacitor powered car that would be charged by solar panels and designed to go as far as possible on one charge.

Step 1: Step 1: Motors and Capacitors

The first thing we had to do was figure out the power of our motor we were given, which was a small erector set motor. We found the torque constant was 6.5 oz inches/amp, and the voltage constant was 1833 volts/rpm, and it had an operating voltage of 3-6 V. We also figured out the amount of power in our capacitor, which was a 5 V, 1 Farad capacitor. Link to the capacitor on Digikey HERE.
<p>I was wondering if you could post the chassis file in the .ipt format so that I am able to use it with my Autodesk Inventor Program. The .sldprt format does not work for me and I would really like to use this design.</p>
<p>Who is the maker of that motor and gearing?</p>
<p>It's a Meccano 3/6v cube motor the gear ratio is determined by the students to get the best distance from the car</p>
<p>&amp; the 1F cap is charged how?</p>
<p>The capacitor can also be charged by using a lab DC powersupply</p>
<p>Aaaaaaah, Forgive me. Line one you state the capacitor is charged by solar panel! Would you be so kind as to elaborate? I'm interested to see how the 1F cap is charged &amp; how long it takes to charge. I luv the simplicity of your project. Well done!</p>
<p>This was/is a High School freshman engineering class in which the students design the vehicle via SolidWorks and then manufacture it in the classroom/laboratory. The four year curriculum has an underlying renewable energy theme. I can spec the solar charging station and perhaps include it in an instructables tutorial (barring any copyright issues) </p>

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