We tend to go on a lot of car trips grandparents house (4 hour cruise).  of course to keep my son busy there are know books well mostly "Diary of a wimpy kid" but we must encourage reading, this is a big improvement, last year books were in the broccoli group.  So before the trip he made me a picture and I told him we could build it the morning before the big trip.  Some how I got busy and he got involved with video games and five minutes before takeoff "Dad I thought we were going to make that thing." Long glassy eye pout.  well i threw some wood in the car and said we will have to make it at grandpa's.  (hope he has a saw)  

Step 1: Materials

I had some 7" wide birch plywood  enough for 3- 20" shelves and 2- 24" sides.

we also needed a 7" wide 20" long piece of maple

Two metric bolts and wasers

1- 1/4 bolt with fender washer and wing nut

18 wood screws

4- 1" by 20"  boards
<p>I absolutely need this in my camper.</p>
Interesting, but doesn't it limit your vision out the back of the car being so high?
its behind the driver seat so it dosn,t get in the way of the view its not above the head rests
This is awesome. Consider using earthquake straps or something to keep those books on there through even the sharpest turns and suddenest braking. That's one lucky kid.
thanks you should have seen his eye when i showed him the shelf.
What kind of vehicle is it? It looks like a minivan or wagon. (Also, if he's ~14 and needs a good transition from the Diary of a Wimpy Kids books, try him on Sherman Alexie's True Stories of a Part-time Indian or the Bone graphic novels.)
Its a toyota Matrix which is classified as a wagon. He is only 9 with a reading disability so that he is reading is great. Have you tried toothpaste on a bee sting I have a beehive and crest whiting plus scope works wonders.

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