Step 12: The Card-Bar

Picture of The Card-Bar
We weren't able to put the finishing touches on a couple things.   I quickly glued in some shelves in the back of the bar.   I need to strengthen them up but they will be just as strong as anything else.  

1 ) We also didn't get a chance to put the foot rest on the floor so it looks a little sloppy.   

2 ) If I can get more vinyl I will make some more of the decorative panels for the front. 

3 ) I will be putting a couple layers of clear coat on the inside to protect from spills and whatnot.   The vinyl will do well at protecting the bar on top but I do need to clean up the backside a little bit.   

4 ) The stain we used on the table legs is just awful so we will be fixing that next week.   

This is our first attempt at improving our lifestyle through design and form.   I hope you all liked it and start shooting some questions and I will respond as soon as I can.