Step 12: The Card-Bar

We weren't able to put the finishing touches on a couple things.   I quickly glued in some shelves in the back of the bar.   I need to strengthen them up but they will be just as strong as anything else.  

1 ) We also didn't get a chance to put the foot rest on the floor so it looks a little sloppy.   

2 ) If I can get more vinyl I will make some more of the decorative panels for the front. 

3 ) I will be putting a couple layers of clear coat on the inside to protect from spills and whatnot.   The vinyl will do well at protecting the bar on top but I do need to clean up the backside a little bit.   

4 ) The stain we used on the table legs is just awful so we will be fixing that next week.   

This is our first attempt at improving our lifestyle through design and form.   I hope you all liked it and start shooting some questions and I will respond as soon as I can. 
super instructable! I might suggest using fibreglass resin as it similarly priced, or cheaper and would actually add rigidity to the cardboard.
love your ambition!! I too construct monstrosities from cardboard (and anything else free). now i just wish I didn't dread writing them up it feels too much like one of my engineering lab write ups. yuck! <br> <br>PROPS! so many props!`
I too have been trolling around in the background, looking for home improvement ideas and hope to one day produce my own instructable.<br><br>I absolutely love your idea of using cardboard and the finished product is awesome. You wouldn't know that it hadn't been bought in a shop. Well done, it is impressive.<br><br>Love the design and the height adjustable table is an awesome idea.<br><br>Keep up the goof work and hope to see many more design ideas come to fruition.
I love your card table it is fantastic, my only comment would be your fold down legs which takes away from your great design - one idea would be to create columns sort of like greek columns out of card (semi circular so that the flat side goes against the bar) and you still wouldn't be able to work out that there is a dining table hidden there. This is still an incredible 'ible.
OMG this is the best thing EVER! &lt;3 you're awesome!
Everyman's Composite Construction. Nice job!
Ok. i gotta ask. How sturdy is this thing? What could it hold? 30 lbs? 80 lbs? Like could you sit on the top of it?<br>
Extremely sturdy. The vertical studs are all 8 pieces of cardboard thick and hardened with gorilla glue. They are only spaced about a foot or so apart so there isn't much of a gap. When I was glueing the top board (Also 8 layers thick) I placed about 200 lbs of free weights I had laying around. Solid as a rock. My lady sat on top of it for some funny pics (which she wouldn't let me include) and it felt like any other type of table. Mind you she is only 105 lbs. But yea, if you glue every layer solid (like spread the glue evenly) and place weights on top while it dries it will hold 150lbs with no problem.
You could also coat the cardboard with Minwax wood hardener. It would make the cardboard even more sturdy.
This is a very cool idea. going to have to give something like this a try.
Let me know if you have any questions or if I didn't explain anything clear enough. It it were well planned out and you had some space it should take you around 3 days after work to get it done. Mine was a lot of trial and error (lots of error)
That's impressive, good job.<br><br>L
Thanks lemonie. I honestly can't believe 1) it actually looks decent and 2) it is exactly how I want it to look and work. Solid and light. More things are going to be made with left over cardboard.
<br> Used right it's a good material. Now, could concrete-shuttering be done I wonder?<br> <br> L<br>
what is concrete - shuttering? Is that a design or molding type? If it's cool, I will try anything.
<br> It's the boards used to cast concrete into. A large volume of trees are turned into ply' / OSB for concrete-shuttering.<br> <br> L<br>
I can't wait to show the updated pics since I worked on it. Fixed the color of the legs and added two more sections of vinyl in the front so you can't even see the table till it swings out. Just a lot of cool finishing work. I will update after the competition.
very nice, and recycled material! ... after a few drunk nights you may have to make a new one tho ;P
haha luckily I am a seasoned drinker...... which means I waste little. It all gets to where it is intended to go....my liver.
good man! keep building im sure we all look forward to more designs :)
good concept, but why cardboard?
Well.... it was laying around and I needed to get this design out of my head. First thought of using wood but thought this would be cool to re-use the wasted cardboard. And to be honest it weighs like nothing and I put wheels on it so I can move it around.
ken, you are so epic. i hope you win an ipad, and share with me!!!
you are amazing
I have subscribed and favorited!<br> <br> Seeing this I expect great things from you in the future! :D<br> <br> Don't be a stranger on the forums :)<br>
The whole thing is cardboard except for the table and the bottom. I am putting wheels on the bottom to help it move so I can slide it in and out from the wall when we arent using it. I like that it has functionality and looks.
This is incredible! Amazing work.
Thanks. I only started building it on tuesday after work. And I had a wedding on sat and sunday so we got as much done as we could. It needs some cleaning up but I am really psyched with how it came out...... and I really want an Ipad.

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