Picture of The Care and Feeding of the Armalite AR-7
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Manufactured by Armalite before the rights were sold to first Charter Arms and then to Survival Arms and finally to Henry Repeating Arms, the AR-7 is a take down survival rifle that fires .22 cal long rifle. Originally designed as a replacement for the AR-5 and M-6 survival rifles used by the USAF the AR-7 was never placed into widespread issue due to the large numbers of AR-5 and M-6 rifles in the inventory. The AR-7, it was decided, would be marketed to civilians instead.

I was given my first AR-7 in 1972 as a Christmas present from my older brother and I kept it until the late 1990's when the receiver got badly dented, the stock destoryed, and magazine just gone after a 1300 foot fall during airborne operations when my ruck sack got torn on exit from the aircraft.

The AR-7 used in this Instructable was given to me as an early Fathers Day present by a buddy of mine from my Army days a few weeks ago. As you can see, it too has seen some wear and tear over the years and does need to have the stock replaced (which is on order) and it could stand a coat of paint which it will be getting once the new stock comes in.

The original owners manual that came with the AR-7 was vauge on the proper care of the weapon. It lacked any good, detail photos or illustartions on how to take the internal parts out to facilitate removal of the bolt for claening. I hope that this Instructable corrects that problem.

The steps in this Instructable should translate to any of the AR-7's produced by the various manufacturers.
g22dru1 year ago

Great instructable tomsweet65! Got my 8 year old
one of these (actually passed down in my family and boy was it dirty) for Christmas and we sat down last night to clean it together (ahh-that's my boy!)
and we just had to dive right in not having any instructions. Needless to say
once it was apart and all the little pins came out, we were a bit lost. This
outta bring us right back to where we want to be - thanks again!!!!

Gimpy1 year ago
Thank you for this great instructable. I was trying to put mine back together following youtube videos, but couldn't see anything with the bad lighting, bad camera angles and the guy's hands in the shot at all times.

Got mine back together now, nice and clean!
tomsweet65 (author)  Gimpy1 year ago

Glad you were able to get your AR back together.

Thanks for the comment!

Train to survive!



rjkola3 years ago
Special note: measure to distance between the magazine's lips. Over time the lips will spread and cause F2Fs. Re-bend back to original specs. My Armalite shoots ANY 22lr.
Stonehopper3 years ago
I really like this since there is not a lot out there for this weapon. Now for the bad news, where is the instructions for replacing the bolt and parts with it? Not griping but just noticed they were not there.
tomsweet65 (author)  Stonehopper3 years ago
Thanks for the comment! I corrected the Ible with the correct bolt replacement steps.
ilpug3 years ago
Huh, I kinda want one now.
tomsweet65 (author)  ilpug3 years ago
They are a blast to shoot! I love mine... You can get the new Henry Survival Rifle for between $190-$240 new... You can pick up the older Chater Arms and Armalite models at pawn shops for $80-150 when they have them...
Nice, I will get one!
espdp23 years ago
Very nice. Thank you for this info, and thank you for your service!
tomsweet65 (author)  espdp23 years ago
Thanks for the comment! If there is any survival related Instructable you'd like to see let me know, if I can make it happen I will!