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Introduction: The Cast-Iron Bohemoth Burger

About: First, I am not a chef. I'm a pretty good home cook who has a serious passion for food that I like to eat. That hunger is what fuels my passion for food. The only things I love more than cooking are God, ...

Either a 1/3 or 1/2 pound patty of chopped filet of beef with sauteed onions & pickled jalapenos and Homemade Pimento & Cheese.

If you're like me, you can't afford to use chopped filet of beef very often.  If you can so much the better but obviously the better quality cut of meat the better quality the burger. 

For a "normal" patty, use about 5 1/2 oz of very cold cubed filet of beef or your favorite cut.  The reason for the cold temperature is because it's just easier to chop than if it's completely thawed or at room temp.  I "chop" my meat for burgers in a food processor as opposed to "grind" in a meat grinder.  I think the texture is better and it helps to keep the meat tender no matter what doneness it's prepared.  Weigh out and chop 5 1/2 oz at a time and prepare each patty for the same reason.  Just for looks and consistency, I use a 4 inch ring mold to form the patties.   Once the meat is chopped and the patty is formed, allow it to come to room temperature before beginning to sear. 

In a HOT cast iron skillet, add about 2 tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil and allow it to get to just below the smoke point.  Add your room temperature patties, no more than two at a time, and get a good sear.  Most people want to keep flipping the burger.  Make yourself leave it alone and let it brown on that side.  When you are able to lift the patty with NO resistance, (3-5 minutes) flip and sear the other side.  This is when you can add your onion slices and pickled jalapenos.  Medium rare won't take long so keep a close watch.  Use an instant read thermometer if you have to.  Once done to medium rare, spoon 1-2 tbs pimento & cheese on the burger and allow to melt.  (Yes, if you don't have p&c, use your favorite sliced cheese.)  Remove to a plate and allow to rest.  (Cover with tin foil to keep the heat in.)  Finish sauteing the onions and peppers. 

Prepare a toasted bun.  Adding mayonnaise to at least the bottom half of the bun will help keep any meat juices from soaking in and through the bun.  Add you patty, top with the onions & peppers, eat...ENJOY!  



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    Tell me more about how to made it!! Do you season your beef at all?

    My mouth is watering. :D

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    Thank you Jessy! Only salt & pepper on the meat. I use extra virgin olive oil in very hot cast-iron skillet and add the seasoned patties when both are hot. (Just before the smoke point.) After a good sear is on the first side, flip the patties then add the sliced onion and pickled peppers to the same skillet. This helps to infuse some of that flavor to the meat. Just before the patty is done, add the pimento & cheese on top and steam melt it. (I'll have to add the pimento & cheese recipe separately.) Mayo, mustard, ketchup, etc if you like. I hope you get an opportunity to try it. ENJOY!


    TIL browsing the food section of 'Ibles is a bad idea before breakfast.

    I shall have to try the tip about the food blender, hacking at it with a knife and tenderiser isn't cutting it (boom tish!)

    Thanks so much for the encouragement! This was my first post here so forgive my leaving of the "instructions" on "Instructables". I will add some to these and do better on my next.
    And I have to give my wife credit on the pictures, she's the photographer I'm just the cook. :-)

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    Well, I doubt you're JUST a cook......this looks GREAT

    I'm glad Jessy asked, and I'm looking forward to seeing more! Definitely want more info on future projects. Beautiful photography!

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    Thank you! I look forward to offering more too. And the photography is my wife's, and she says thanks for the encouragement also. More "Cast Iron" meals & pics to follow...

    I LOVE my old cast iron, but, I'm not really great in cooking with it.....I hope you will do many Instructables on recipes using your cast iron. Your pictures are WONDERFUL, but we all need some step by step instructions to go along. Maybe we can talk someone into doing even a quick challenge featuring cooking in cast iron......once you enter, you're hooked! hint hint scoochmaroo

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    Ms Mary, I hope I can live up to your expectations. I also love cast iron cooking. I believe that it gives a unique taste to any food prepared in it. Thanks for the encouragement and more to come...

    Wouldn't this be a cheeseburger. It drives me nuts when I order a "hamburger" in a restaurant and they ask if I want cheese on it.

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    Well, it's a burger with Pimento & Cheese on it. If someone orders this burger, there's no need to ask, IT HAS pimento & cheese. Likewise, I wouldn't ask if they wanted onions and peppers on it, IT HAS onions and peppers. But I do understand your point and it aggravates me too when a server asks me that. Thanks for your input.

    better than our old "M" fellow!