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Introduction: The Cat Tower

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Hi, welcome to my very first Instructable!

Some time ago I've decided to build The Cat Tower. It's a hybrid of cat scratching post and tower.

To build something like that (I say something like that because you can modify it easily to make it more compact to your specific needs)

You'll need

  • few cardboard barrels (in this project I used 4 of them) I bought them on the Internet for around 8$ per each
  • good quality strong glue
  • basic tools like: utility knife, soldering iron, brush, tape
  • covering
  • patience (the most important thing in this project :D)
  • marker

Step 1: Getting Started

You need to do contours of holes on the barrels and then cut them.

You should customize size of the holes and their placement. It is very important because you need to make this tower comfortable for your cat. (for example I've made small hole for cat's paw)

Step 2: Covering It Inside

Now let's cover those barrels inside. You need to cut the covering in right shapes with the utility knife and then stick them with glue using brush to the inside part of the barrels.

It's very arduous and boring step.

You should use soldering iron to heat edges of the covering.

3 of the barrels have "windows" and one of them is a dark room.

Every floor is connected from the top to the bottom.


Step 3: Assembling It Together

You've done the hardest part.

Now you need to assemble those barrels together.

You can assemble them together using tape. Just tape it tight on the sides and it will be compact.

Step 4: Covering It Outside

Now you can cover the tower outside. Simply put the glue on the tower and wrap it with covering. After drying you can cut out covering on the windows.

Then leave it to ventilate for few days before using.

Step 5: Trying It Out With Your Cat

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    Did you mount to the wall or put a weight in the bottom? My cat would knock it over.

    What a great straightforward instruct able.

    awesome project!! i'd love to make this for my cats. Do you have the link where you bought the drums/barrels from? Everywhere I look they seem to be at least 2-3 times what you paid for them online.

    That is a pretty cat! I want to do this for our cats, but I know they wouldn't use it and my toddler would just knock it over! lol

    Nice cat!

    Awesome! I've got a bunch of large cardboard tubes like these, but no cat.

    I need to get a cat! ;)