The Centurion



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Introduction: The Centurion

About: I've studied in industrial design, with an interest expanding into many fields. Curiosity and the motivation to improve my environment leads me to work on new personnal projects around the appartment. Once ...

Costume made of cardboard, a broom and some pieces of fabric.
It costed 15$ and required 8,5 hours of work.



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    Would love to know more about what you've done here! What materials did you use, and how did you make it?

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    My costume is simply a personal interpretation based on an other instructable (!/).

    I mainly used...
    - armor: cardboard, with golden tissue paper glued on it
    - forearms: two pieces of fake leather
    - the cape and the skirt: red fabric
    - mohawk: red broom
    - spear: the wooden shaft of the broom

    Finally, add to it two shoe laces, some duct tape, rubber bands and you're done!