A nightlight that charges your usb gadgets =]

The Story (skipable) :

I was a little disappointed with the battery life (only 60 days) of my previous award winning (lol) Instructable (The EggLight) so when my girlfriend asked me to build her a wall USB charger for her iPOD I decided to merge a night light into it =] and get rid of the problem

What is really cool about this project is that it uses my new high brightness LEDs that I ordered straight from china =) and as you can see from the picture they work great for backlighting purposes...

The Final product :
A wall outlet charger for USB devices (500mA @ 5v ) with a built in smooth blue night light! (yes I do like blue, and I do like nightlights )

Revisions :

v1.First version
+Charges USB devices (tested with an Ipod Mini, an Ipod nano and my sister's Ipod Video),
+Works on 127 and 220 VAC outlets (50Hz and 60Hz ) lol... since nokia did this part ;-)
+on/off switch

'V2. Dimmed light
+Instructable released !!!
+Potentiometer added
+New video'

Step 1: What You'll Need:

Table of Materials:

+1x. Cheap Bedside battery powered Light
I bought this for 2$... and it comes with a nice switch =P

+1x. Female USB connector :
If you plan to charge USB stuff.. you better have a way of connecting it to your charger =]

+1x. 5v to 7v power supply :
I used an old nokia charger ( 800mA @ 5,7v ) I had lying around...
You can also DIY (see ElectricJ's great instructable ( https://www.instructables.com/member/ElectricJ/ ) ) just make sure your's will be able to supply at least 520mA

+1x. "Straw hat" LED ( http://www.hebeiltd.com.cn/?p=leds.4.8mm ) :
This is excellent for backlighting purposes , it's viewing angle is HUGE !
of course you can use whatever LED you have available =]

+1x. 10K potentiometer , two 100ohm resistors
i love the rem in the backround nice song
I was listening to the ONLY classic rock station in Brazil ;)
huh, funny thing. i'm also from sao paulo and i also luv kiss fm :-D
bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuue ;]
i would recommend that you use a 5 volt regulator (7805) chip if you use anything above 5V...you could fry your USB devices.
Check out step 5, i AM using a 7805 ;)
oops, i overlooked it :)
Nice soldering iron sponge!

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Bio: Engineer graduated @ poli.usp.br , Embedded Software Engineer @ v2com.mobi , and all around nice guy =]
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