The Cheapest ESP8266 Programmer!





Introduction: The Cheapest ESP8266 Programmer!

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Hi folks, now I'll teach you how to make your programmer to the ESP-01 and ESP-201, (perhaps serve with other models) using an Arduino UNO, a few cables and optionally a button and a slide switch, in my case I use them because I had available, with this programmer able to upload the Arduino sketches and any other firmware (AT, LUA, Espruino, etc).

Step 1: Okay, Let's Start, First Do the Following Circuit.

Optionally if necessary can place a 100n capacitor between Vcc and GND and if you're a fan of security, you can put a divider or Logic Level Converter voltage between RX and TX.

Step 2: Step to Flash the ESP-01 and Esp-201

1.- Connect the Arduino/Genuino UNO.

2.- Put the ESP-01 in Flash mode, set the slide switch to GND.

3.- Push the Button reset.

4.-And open the app for Flash, that you like.

Note.- I test with:

a.- Flash tool 2.4 -Link-

b.- ESP8266 Flasher -Link-

c.- Arduino IDE -Link-

That is all!!!


Step 3: Some Arduino Models and Flashing Tools.

Step 4: Downloads

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plz heip me on the programming of esp8266 with pic18f4580

only one minor err I spot, on the fritzing drawing.. note you have a wire going from vcc (the 3.3V power rail) to the CH_PD pin, and the reset switch, and the other side of the switch to GND (causing a dead short when pressed, to the 3.3V supply.) I think you meant to create a red wire from the CH_PD to VCC, and only a single wire from the open end of the switch, to RST. Otherwise, that's going to be brutal on the 3.3V regulator

i'm using this dev board that i made myself for esp-12. dont need arduino but still you can program it with arduino software via an ftdi.


This would have been cheapest if someone has Arduino board already.

This would have been cheapest if someone has Arduino board already.

The changes is ready!!

Thanks, I will make the correction as soon as possible.

Fantastic Instructable!!! for programming esp8266 without any ftdi breakout.

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Thanks dude and the best, the Arduino and ESP-01 are independant!