The Cheapest Pneumatic Cylinder Ever Possible! Less Than $2





Introduction: The Cheapest Pneumatic Cylinder Ever Possible! Less Than $2

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Hi everyone,

In this Instructable We'll be showing you How to build the Cheapest and the most Efficient Pneumatic linear actuator.

Why was this Pneumatic Actuator created?

We were actually forced to find a cheap way to build a pneumatic actuator; The price of the actuators were too pricey for us to buy; It was a real deterrent to our progress. After a long struggle and several prototypes, We removed the need for costly tools and O Ring (replaced it with the rubber), so that it can be easily made by anyone in just 15min. The total cost for one cylinder is less than $2.

The given price is just the average price throughout the world

This costed us just 16 cents only!

You can also check out our video

Testing the Pneumatic Cylinder:

Step 1: Collect the Materials


  • Syringe x2 ( 2ml - 4ml )
  • Metal rod (about 3mm)
  • Small washer


  • Rubber based adhesive
  • Super glue


  • Wire cutter or hobby knife
  • Thin screwdriver

Step 2: Preparing Body of the Cylinder

  • Separate all the parts of the syringe
  • Remove the nozzle of one syringe
  • Make a hole near the end of the other syringe through the inside ( Yes, from the inside)
  • Glue the nozzle to the hole using super glue
  • Use the adhesive to seal it

Step 3: Making the Piston Rod

  • Fix one rubber part to the metal rod using Super glue
  • And also slide the washer into it
  • Make a hole in the other rubber and insert it into the rod
  • The rubber's cupped side should face away from the cylinder's body
  • This will act as the o ring
  • Now insert this and fix it using Super glue

Now your super cheap and efficient pneumatic cylinder is ready

Thank You

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    Can you please tell us the source of air that we have to pump in the syringe?



    1 reply

    Any air compressor would be suitable for the job

    This is really cool and i like the way you dispose any unnecessary items

    We used the common rubber based adhesive.It is Known as Fevibond in our country.This works on most of the plastics.

    The surface must have been too smooth for the glue to stick ​; Try making it rough using a sand paper before gluing.

    The A+B type glues will surely work on a rough surface.Make sure you apply enough glue.

    Great Instructable. I needed this for my next project ( air pressure shutter for my ULF pinhole camera ). Now, perhaps the most commonly asked question in all DIY forums:

    What brand super glue?

    I have tried every brand and none of them work properly in plastics applications. Yes, I am aware of those specialty crazy glues that come in A+B or with UV hardener lights but they just work on some plastics and definitely not all.

    So, could you please include the brand of the super glue you used or a link to the online store that may sell it.

    Good to know that this is helpful to many people.

    Thank you friends!

    So simple and so cool !

    I was searching the pneumatic pump/ generator for my projects.
    But now I think my wait is over, I can make it my own.

    thanks a lot dear...

    Nice job. A pneumatic build is on my list for a while now and I'll get back to your method when the time has come.

    Great idea, and very well documented. Anyone should be able to make one using your method. Should be used as an example of how to make an instructable.