Step 3: Attaching to the Real Drum Set

First, you rest the controller/circuit board part on the bass drum in a position where all of the sensors can reach the drums.  The hit sensors already have tape on them when you remove them from the RockBand set, so you don't even really need tape.  I recommend taping them to plastic ring inserts if you have them.  The wires are only long enough to put them on your snare and toms, but if you want to (I haven't done this yet so I'm not ure how well it may work) you can cut the wires and splice a longer piece of wire in between them so the yellow can fit the hi hat (i know this works), and maybe the green can attach to the ride, and the blue to the crash maybe.  It's the vibration from hitting the drum head triggers the sensor which is translated as a "hit".
<p>I had a friend come over who is an expert drummer for 20 years and he played an entire song on the toy PS3 drums and it was 100% accurate. So, I'm going to learn how to play REAL drums with Rock Band as my teacher! Thanks for the instructions! :) </p>
Hey... I wonder if it's possible to use TWO rockband drum sets and use all eight sensors (one on each drum head and cymbals). For example, can you snip off the four sensors from one set and pair 'em with the other four sensors according to the color codes so you can tape one green sensor to the snare, the other green to the ride cymbal; one red sensor to the high tomtom head and the other red to the hi-hat cymbal; one yellow sensor to the mid tomtom head and the other yellow sensor to the crash cymbal; and one blue sensor to the low tomtom and the other blue sensor to the splash cymbal??? The same goes for the bass kick pedal and the hi-hat pedal too as well??? Let me know if this is impossible or doable?
It's actually the exact same thing, except that you would have to play to the guitar tracks because there are no tracks for them. On the bright side the guitars are synced in time with the drums so it won't sound as terrible.
Actually the left-most colour is the snare, second from the left is the hi-hat, third from the left is crash cymbal and the rightmost is the ride cymbal. It might actually sound like the game if you set it up that way.
yes, but like i said, the hi hat is to far away with the original wire, and the crash and the ride would cause too much vibration and trigger the color multiple times
Thanks for writing this article. I tried this with my rb 2 wireless set, and its pretty functional. The only problem is the vibration of the cymbals (which can probly be fixed with some tape or padding around the sensor) and the hi hats. I just need to splice the hi hat sensor to a switch that can split the signal from one wire leading to the yellow jack to another wire leading to the blue, activated by the opening and closing of the hats. The omega gm 1, which is a commercial version of your project, has a sensor like this, but I dunno if its something you can pick up at radioshack, or if its a custom switch. Have you looked into this at all?
I haven't looked into this (i'm not the best electrician, but I know some basics), I kinda just started this project one day to see if it could be done, and don't really use it anymore, but I'd love to hear your results!<br><br>I don't think in Rockband you're required to have hi hats open or closed at anytime, I would just use the blue wire on the cymbal closest to the hi hat. Maybe get one of those &quot;practice muter&quot; rubber pads that you put on cymbals to make them quite, and use that to stop the vibrations? That'd be my 'less electrical' answer, but please share whatever you do!
The thing is, I havnt played rb in a year, but I play my real set every day. So id like to use rb as a backing track and and a tab to my drumming, but muting the cymbals or using the ride as the open hi hat would make it unnatural. Ill let you know if I can find a solution for that, but thanks for showing me how to set it up
If you have real drums, and know how to play them, why on earth would you be messing with Rock Band? Not dissing video games, I'm sure it's fine for folks who don't know how to play, but it's definitely nothing like the real thing.
becouse not every drummer has friends available 24/7 that know how to play guitar/bass/sing<br>and those games are just pure fun, and this makes it look waaaay more awesome<br>if i would drum/play guitar i would still play games like this, simply becouse its alot more fun with other people that arent skilled musicians
Don't think you can make a statement like that until you've learned to play a real instrument.
well, i didnt make a statement, i gave my opinion about something you said<br>plus, i have tried learning keyboards and drums. being a musician just isnt for me<br>but playing rock band/guitar hero is awesome<br><br>im kinda tired of all those peeps saying &quot;you cant do it, so you cant say anything bout it&quot;<br>no, i dont fight in the war in iraq, but i do have an opinion about it<br>no, i dont do drugs, but i do have an opinion about it
Exactly! I'm glad to see you understand the point I was trying to make. An awful lot of people just don't get it when I try to explain things like this to them.
Well gentlemen...with an explanation first that I absolutely do not want to offend <br>anyone with my breath let alone my comments!!!! No. 1, the songsmanship! <br>let''s not forget about the songsmanship! What musician could possibly define <br>him/herself without songsmanship? That's right...NONE! Now...as to this <br>matter, I find the &quot;drummer&quot; in this video without what I would describe a very <br>rhymetic touch! That is to say if a pianist performed before an audience with <br>such a barbaric uncivilized touch I daresay the audience would be rushing down <br>the isles to the intermission area! Hands on ears no doubt. THAT...coupled <br>with the fact that they hear no music to support and cradle the &quot;knocks and <br>raps&quot; rudely pummelling against the drum(s) heads! I shall end the impossible <br>description of the &quot;talent&quot; and cushion the review with the additional comment <br>concerning the drummist! I think him to be a nice person, his thoughful up- <br>bringing I am sure can be attributed to caring parents. Evidenced to this very <br>moment. A contributing citizen to all of society I have no doubt! BUT...a gain- <br>fullly employed professional musician? Shall we change the discussion to <br>the weather? I bid both of you &quot;ado&quot; and hopefully leave you with food for <br>thought! Next instruction please... <br>
it it weird that i read your entire comment in a British accent?
It's okay, I did too ;P
Well I've been playing drums for a few years, and this was my first time trying to play with the RockBand sensors, so I was just getting used to it, but I am by no means a professional drummer in the first place, haha.
whut?<br>im kinda lost here, you said something, i said something wich is quite different, then you say that i couldnt say that, and i explain why i can<br>then you say i understand what you're saying?<br>with the danger of repeating myself:<br>whut?
Because before I played drums I loved RockBand (might even say it got me into playing), but then when I stopped playing I had 2 useless drum controllers so I decided to take one apart for the fun of it and relaized that I could play drums with it so why not?<br><br>(also it can sort of, in somw shape or form, teach you songs/help you figure out the drums if a song is mixed weird, but that's not why I did it)
If you stick the sensors onto the resonating heads underneath on the toms and snare, will it reach without splicing?
Possibly, but I tried it and it didn't work as well as on top
Your idea is fantastic!!
what brand set do you have?
It's a CB set which is basically a beginner set you can get for cheap, but theres nothing wrong with it once you replace all the cymbals (i replaced them all with Zildjian ones), and the drum heads (replaced with Evans).
it sounds pretty decent, i think the audio from the camera change the sound though, i have a Pacific set that i have changed the cymbals on and am in the process of replacing the heads with Remos
oh yeah, the camera definitely changes the sound,and sounds cool!
Is it at all possible to place the sensors on the cymbals to produce a more realistic effect? Maybe if you used a Guitar Hero drum kit (which includes two cymbals)? I don't know, it's just a thought I had when I was watching the video.
actuly if you used a sensor and put some tape on it to stop the vibration that might work and you could put a sensor in the bass
Possibly, but like I said, you would need to make the wires longer to reach! But the main problem is that your crash or ride, for example, will keep on vibrating causing it to be triggered many times. BUT, I have tested it briefly with the hi hat and it does work well on it.
Good Idea, and you must drive your parents absolutely nuts with that game.
Quite utterly genius!
thank you! :D

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