Step 3: Attaching to the Real Drum Set

Picture of Attaching to the Real Drum Set
First, you rest the controller/circuit board part on the bass drum in a position where all of the sensors can reach the drums.  The hit sensors already have tape on them when you remove them from the RockBand set, so you don't even really need tape.  I recommend taping them to plastic ring inserts if you have them.  The wires are only long enough to put them on your snare and toms, but if you want to (I haven't done this yet so I'm not ure how well it may work) you can cut the wires and splice a longer piece of wire in between them so the yellow can fit the hi hat (i know this works), and maybe the green can attach to the ride, and the blue to the crash maybe.  It's the vibration from hitting the drum head triggers the sensor which is translated as a "hit".
mogg4 years ago
If you stick the sensors onto the resonating heads underneath on the toms and snare, will it reach without splicing?
scott! (author)  mogg4 years ago
Possibly, but I tried it and it didn't work as well as on top