Step 3: Breaking the Shell

With 2 hands break the shell open, while letting the gelatinous chicken embryo slide into the microwaveable safe bowl.

<p>They are not embryos till they are fertilized Most commercial eggs are unfertile. </p>
<p>They are not embryos till they are fertilized Most commercial eggs are unfertile. </p>
Don't ever crack your egg on the side of a bowl; it drives tiny shards of shell into the egg you're going to be cooking. Crack it on a countertop or other flat surface.<br />
i always crack my eggs on a bowl and have never had shell in them
Just because you can't see them doesn't me they aren't there.<br><br>Regardless, that's just advice I've heard from many cooking shows. You are, of course, welcome to crack your eggs however you want :)
Ground up egg shells are often used in calcium supplements, so it's really not a terrible thing if they exist but aren't seen or felt.
I prefer to just drop the egg with enough force to crack it into a side bowl, remove the shell, inspect for shell shrapnel in the side bowl, and then move the egg into the bowl I am mixing things in. 95% of the time I don't have pieces of eggshell, but sometimes the egg just cracks weird. But, if you do get eggshell fragments, just think of it as extra protein :P
sounds good, so i decided to try it as the first thing i tried to cook. here goes nothing...<br><br>*munch*<br><br>...<br>...i overdid the egg. oh well, its breakfast. thanks for the recipe!
great instructable, weally ritty too <br />
Nicely written but I think dead chicken foetus is much less offensive.<br />
But it would be wrong. Eggs aren't fertilised so they are neither foetuses nor dead.
true - it was my poor attempt at gross humour
I&nbsp;make this very similar to the same way you do... except i use two eggs, butter the toast, don't use seasoning, and replace your shredded cheese with velveeta.&nbsp;However, I too found that using the bowl makes it fit nicely on the toast when you're done with your creation.&nbsp; Lately, I've considered adding bacon bits, but have never remembered when I was actually making one.&nbsp; Nice instructable.
Do you shred, cube or slice the velveeta?<br />
Two thin slices, i cook the egg first, then melt in on top when the egg is mostly cooked.&nbsp; If I were cooking them together like yourself I'd probably cube it.
For added flair you can learn the ol fashion one handed egg crackin
They called eggs that on The Coneheads.
bad taste...really bad
I think this Instructable should be renamed &quot;The Chicken <em>Ovulation</em> Sandwich&quot;<br />
I second this, I thought they were talking about chicken embryos, like the eggs with the dead baby chickens inside. Since TRUE chicken embryos exists, I thought that's what they were talking about.<br /> <br /> I don't eat those (embryos) but I was legitimately curious as to what they would've written about it.<br /> <br /> Yeesh trying to keep an open mind is gross work. :S<br />
I prefer calling them simply &quot;Liquid Chickens&quot;<br />
&quot;The Chicken <em>Menstruation</em>&nbsp;Sandwich&quot; is much more descriptive and factual.<br /> <br /> Either way, eggs that are&nbsp;store-bought&nbsp;are not fertilized (provided that the store in question isn't Shady Bob Grocery&trade; or something similar). &nbsp;Fertilized eggs are embryos.&nbsp;Therefore, store-bought eggs are not embryos.<br /> <br /> Furthermore, <a href="http://www.hrwiki.org/wiki/colonization#Easter_Eggs" rel="nofollow">eggs are not fruit</a>...<br />
i love coneheads &lt;XD
&nbsp;the movie
Very good.<br /> <br /> What about the ketchup and mustard?<br />
So, are the eggs kind of in similar vein to being scrambled?&nbsp;That would be my only qualm if it weren't.<br /> <br /> Otherwise, epic overall.<br />
yeh I'm not really a fan of eating unborn chickens<br /> I don't mind chicken eggs though ......................... <br />
my mom makes this all the time for me, but not with cheese :( I'll try the cheese.

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