Picture of The Chocolate Taker Revenge-Inator (Pocket Size)
    It is good to share, but it is bad when people take without asking.  The Chocolate Taker Revenge-Inator (Pocket Size) will enable you to get revenge on someone that would stoop so low as to take chocolate without asking.  It is a simple circuit inside a box.  When the box is lifted, it immediately emits a loud buzz that frightens the would be taker of chocolate, and alerts the owner, and everyone within earshot,  that someone was thinking about taking chocolate.
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Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials
There are only a few items you will need to make the Chocolate Taker Revenge-Inator.
9-volt battery
9-volt battery holder - Radio Shack 270-0324
12-volt DC Mini Buzzer - Radio Shack 273-0055
Limit Switch - Radio Shack 275-0016
Tempting box (Christmas and Valentines small sample chocolates work perfect)
Soldering Iron
Electrical tape
Hobby Knife
Hot-Glue Gun

Step 2: Limit Switch

Picture of Limit Switch
The Limit switch can be wired two ways; normally opened and normally closed.  In this circuit you will use the normally closed position. 

Step 3: Make the Circuit

Picture of Make the Circuit
The circuit is simple.  Battery to switch to buzzer.  If you have it right, the buzzer will start buzzing.  Push the switch and the buzzer will stop buzzing.  Once you have the circuit correct, solder the connections and Put electric tape over the bare wires.

Step 4: Position the parts in the box and mark for cutouts

Picture of Position the parts in the box and mark for cutouts
Position the parts in the box and mark the box for cutouts.  The buzzer and switch need to face the bottom of the box.

Step 5: Cut out openings

Picture of Cut out openings
Cut out the openings in the bottom of the box.  One is for the lever on the limit switch the other is to let out the sound of the buzzer.

Step 6: Glue the buzzer and Limit switch to the bottom of the box

Picture of Glue the buzzer and Limit switch to the bottom of the box
Use the hot glue gun to glue the buzzer and the limit switch to the bottom of the box.  Leave room for the battery in the middle.   You can use a bunch of hot glue, but do not cover the grill of the buzzer and do not limit the movement of the lever of the limit switch.  If glue does get in the way of the limit switch lever, make sure to clear the glue by trimming it with the hobby knife.
afehrer1 year ago
revenge will be mine! oh yes! it will be mine!!!! thanks!
CHARLESCRANFORD (author)  afehrer1 year ago

I picture you (even though I don't know what you look like) brandishing your fist in the air with lightning in the background.

Good luck.

lmnopeas2 years ago
CHARLESCRANFORD (author)  lmnopeas2 years ago
Dude, I have to try this on my girlfriend.
CHARLESCRANFORD (author)  Steelersfan432 years ago
That reminds me. If you are not going to be there, you could set up a video camera to catch their reaction. A clever person would put it back and act like they never even thought about being temped by the chocolate.
claramecium2 years ago
chocolate snatchers beware! :)
Haha, very nice! Especially timely since Valentine's Day is upon us :D
CHARLESCRANFORD (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
Thanks Jessy. Just make sure your Valentine has a since of humour.