Picture of The Chopping Block
cuttingboard 034.JPG
cuttingboard 112.JPG
I have one of those big plastic cutting boards. It is a pain to wash, rinse and store this sized cutting board. I wanted something smaller for a quick onion or pepper chop so I decided to make one.
This is made from Maple scraps I had laying in the shop. I used yellow glue. (I highly recommend using a waterproof or outdoor type glue) and finished with a food safe wood finish.
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Step 1: Cut and mill your lumber

Picture of Cut and mill your lumber
cuttingboard 002.JPG
cuttingboard 005.JPG
I cut 6 pieces about 1.25" wide 1" thick and about 10" long. My table saw is square enough and my blade was sharp enough to get these square, the first time around :)

All of these dimensions are based solely on what I had in the scrap pile and the size I had in mind, so go crazy if you want . Most all regular cutting boards are made in the same fashion.

Step 2: Glue the boards and clamp it up

Picture of Glue the boards and clamp it up
cuttingboard 007.JPG
cuttingboard 009.JPG
Wood has a tendency to warp with moisture and time working against it. When gluing a wood board to another along the edge, it is a good idea to flip the direction of the grain every other board. What that means is, when looking at the end-grain of each individual board look at the direction of the tree rings and mark with a "U" on the end. After you mark each board make every other "U" upside down before glueing and clamping.
After you have your boards lined up, it is time to break out the glue and clamps.
Glue the boards edge to edge and clamp it all up. Try to get all the boards as flat as possible with one-another. This will make things much easier later on...

Let it sit for at least 2-4 hours before you un-clamp the board.
billyork2 years ago
I found them to be more stable and sturdy when you glue the larger flats together makes it a lot thicker and less absorbent
billyork2 years ago
I found them to be more stable and sturdy when you glue the larger flats together makes it a lot thicker and less absorbent
Rubysdan2 years ago
SlickSqueegie (author)  Rubysdan2 years ago
Thanks so much! There are more to come. Promise!
Sure you can buy one, but they're incredibly overpriced.

With it looking a bit mis-matched, I would have used a darker stain.
SlickSqueegie (author)  explosivemaker2 years ago
LOL Boards mismatched? darker stain? Your joking right?

Do them separately and have nice contrasting colors.
SlickSqueegie (author)  explosivemaker2 years ago
Oh, I understand now... yeah, I just wanted something simple and practical... I thought you meant put stain on it...
davin_x2 years ago
Very nice. I have a few (store purchased) wooden cutting / chopping blocks, love them to death.
SlickSqueegie (author)  davin_x2 years ago
Thanks. This is my first wood cutting board and I love it too! I now wonder why I didnt make one sooner!