He comes from the grave, his body a home of worms and filth. No life in his eyes, no warmth of his skin, no beating of his breast. His soul, as empty and dark as the night sky. He laughs at the blade, spits at the arrow, for they will not harm his flesh. For eternity, he will walk the earth, smelling the sweet blood of the living, feasting upon the bones of the damned. Beware, for he is the living dead.
—OBSCUREHINDU TEXT, CIRCA1000B.C.E via Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks

The undead, a living nightmare for some but only a challenge to those prepared. In this instructable i will show you the most effective materials to bring, proper techniques of survival in one/two story homes (plus other alternate buildings), and places not to go to during a zombie apocalypse. Only you have the power to survive and as long as you make wise decisions during this time you should come out not being a rotting member of the undead army.

“The survival of the fittest is the ageless law of nature, but the fittest are rarely the strong. The fittest are those endowed with the qualifications for adaptation, the ability to accept the inevitable and conform to the unavoidable, to harmonize with existing or changing conditions.”

Step 1: Materials

.22 caliber rifle (pictured Mossberg 802 Plinkster Bolt Action) semi-auto best but bolt action usuable (to anyone who thinks the 22lr is not powerful enough watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyU1l5KgqA4&feature=channel_video_title
9mm, .40 caliber, or .45 caliber Pistol (example 4th generation Glock 19 or Colt 1911)
500 rounds or more of .22 caliber ammunition (best because you can carry many more rounds than larger ammo, cheap to get, and easy to find)
100 rounds or more of your pistol ammunition
Crowbar (best bludgeon weapon as the curved side can be used to crack zombies head, pointed to stab through temple to brain)
Slingshot (ball bearings and lead shot .54 caliber best, silent also)
Aluminum Baseball Bat (aluminum best as it won't crack or break like a wooden one)
Trench Knife (perfect for close quarter combat)
Machete (multiple use weapon effective for close quarters, creating shelter, etc.)
Canned food, dry food such as rice, oats, rye, flour, etc
Magnesium fire starter, disposable lighter
(in case of fire needed to be created fast)
Heavy boots
(resistant to zombie bites)
Earmuffs (used to tune out the zombie moans)
Mountain Bike (with bicycle pump and extra innertube)
Hammer (useful for barricade construction, digging, and a last ditch zombie killing weapon)
Fishing Rod
(ones like in this link are ideal http://grizzlymike.com/military/PACKS.html)
Gun Cleaning Kit
Survival Radio
(rechargeable from solar power, human power)

Your so screwed up zombies cannot happen! Rotting flesh can't live
I have a big pry bar with a spiked end, it wold be perfect, still wana get the curved crow-bar for..Half-Lifenes.. lol
Well thought-out guide. Even though it's about surviving zombies, many of the tips I think would work with most other emergencies. <br> <br>One thing I've always noticed in these &quot;zombie guides&quot; is there's no mention about how to deal with the living. How do you tell they're on your side? When do you help and when do you leave them behind? Do you join a group or do you go solo? I would like to think that not all of us would become crazy and savage like the movies and video games enjoy portraying.
am i the only one who has most of this stuff?
From what I hear, the Heckler and Koch HK45 is a good handgun.
Aluminum baseball bat is a waste of time. They are too light and are intended to have bounce when they strike an object. One of the guys I worked with had a friend hit him in the leg with an aluminum softball bat to try and break his leg(he didn't want to leave the country without his wife on deployment). The aluminum bat severely damaged the tissue in his leg but after 3 strikes no broken leg. A nice wood bat will be much more likely to deliver a crushing blow instead of a *ping* bouncing blow.
think about this decayed easy to tear flesh it wouldnt be hard to break the skull
You wouldn't want earmuffs. If they block out the moans then what are you gonna do if a zombie lunges at you when you cant hear him/her? Or if your sleeping you want to hear if there is zombies, then you can run.
Yeah that's what I was thinking, you always want to be prepared for anything. Adapt to survive is my motto in these situations.
Cool list here, definitely some things I haven't seen before, but that's a lot of baggage to be mulling around with quickly... Not sure if a trench knife is how I want to engage a zombie... ever, but maybe you're right. &nbsp;<br> <br> It'd be cool if more cities had zombie survival station like <a href="http://www.kmpnd.com/2012/06/08/zombie-survival-and-miami-cannibals/" rel="nofollow">this one</a>, I know it's a joke or whatever in a cemetery from my home town, but wouldn't that be a cool concept.
Step1: Get water. <br> <br>I think its one of the more important steps indeed, but whats more important to create or get will be a good and longterm filtration device. <br>Although rainwater can be drunk reasonably safe, other sources will most likely be or get contaminated with parasites and bacteria. <br>In case of the Zombie's, they wil most definatly be carying bacteria, and if one, or a piece of it gets into contact with water... <br>Who's to say the outbreak isnt transmitable trough this medium?
Remember that one time when a dog got bitten and got rabies, and then three days later, every dog on earth had rabies? <br> <br>^my only statement to the validity of zombie apocalypses. <br> <br>Anyhoo, this is a very well thought out guide. I like the suggestion of the .22 rifle due to it's versatility. Yes, a .22 can kill easily with a headshot. They can easily be sighted in to medium range, it is the most common ammo, can easily be silenced, and have so little recoil that they can be used in all conditions. <br> <br>I also like the discussion of vehicles. <br> <br>My advice would be this: go to a very hot or cold climate. The zombies would either rot or freeze. <br> <br>Guides like this are interesting. It floods a huge wealth of survival and violence oriented knowledge, a good amount of it pretty legitimate, out onto the internet where anyone can get it. Now, zombies are fictional, but revolutions, war, and economic collapse are very real things which will probably increase in prevalence in the next few decades. Now suppose that all this zombie info is used by people in these situations. That could either result in A)everyone survives pretty well. or B) Everyone kills everyone. <br> <br>It will be interesting to see.
Ok, check this out &quot;Toxoplasma gondii&quot; it the name of a parasite that takes over the brain of its hosts! <br> <br>If it gets into a rat, it infiltratets its brain. <br>After a period of time it instructs the rat to find a cat! <br>The cat eats the more than willing rat, and thus the Toxoplasma gondii can start its second lifecicle inside the cats gut where it mate's! <br> <br>O yeah! this is the SH*T! <br>Scientists all over the world are bending there heads on this parasite. <br>When ever those guys find out how these Toxoplasma gondii parasites work... <br>Well... lets just say that 28 days later, the world is gone... <br>Better read this instructable out load for the next couple of days guys!
Being a really cool instructable, i still have one tiny question. <br>Can you really &quot;kill&quot; an allready &quot;dead&quot; person...??? <br>
yes-_-. the zombies are zombies from a virus that controls their movements. it requires the brain. as soon as you destroy the brain... its officially dead and will not walk again.
in a certain way that is correct, only the term dead is a bit double. <br>Because the zombie brain is a not so dead brain in the essence of being dead... the brain is alive, or atleast, the organism thats inhabitting the brain is alive and keeps the brain in workable order to do its zombie thing. <br>So... your not really killing the man, but the zombie.
zombies arnt real just so you know but this in an entertaining instructable
are you telling me im not real! ill remember that when im eating your brains.
im 9 and i beleive it will happen im with ya i hope we meet on the battlefeild :)
hardy har. <br>
wheres the shotguns!?!? every zombie slayer needs a shotgun.
Nice guide! Bike is something clever I definitely didn't think about...and ear muffs were genius! <br>Although, I would pick a .223 over a 22. Maybe a Mini 14. Very accurate weapon, and the ammunition is extremely common. Also, they are relatively simple to field strip, and accessorizing them is not difficult. But, if you were to get a 22, I'd go with a Ruger 10/22.Common weapon so parts are plentiful, and larger clips are easy to acquire. I have both a Glock 30 and 1911, and here's the run down: Glock=more ammunition, and less jams. But, less safeties, and personally I'm a better shot with my 1911. Either would not be a bad choice. And also, I would get something larger than a Honda any day. Something along the lines of a Diesel truck or 4x4/AWD SUV. Maybe a Dodge 2500 (with the Cummings of course) or a Toyota Land Cruiser (80 or 100 series, not the newer ones).
.22 can hardly kill a human much less kill a zobie and zombies have a virus and are not undead just inffected
FBI's 10 most frequently traced guns in 1994 By NCIC<br>Rank Manufacturer Model Caliber Type Number traced<br>1 Lorcin P25 .25 Pistol 3,223<br>2 Davis Industries P380 .38 Pistol 2,454<br>3 Raven Arms MP25 .25 Pistol 2,107<br>4 Lorcin L25 .25 Pistol 1,258<br>5 Mossburg 500 12G Shotgun 1,015<br>6 Phoenix Arms Raven .25 Pistol 959<br>7 Jennings J22 .22 Pistol 929<br>8 Ruger P89 9 mm Pistol 895<br>9 Glock 17 9 mm Pistol 843<br>10 Bryco 38 .38 Pistol 820<br>Source: ATF 1995<br><br>Most frequently reported handguns<br>in the NCIC stolen gun file<br>Percent of stolen handguns/ Number/ Caliber/ Type<br>20.5% 259,184 .38 Revolver<br>11.7 147,681 .22 Revolver<br>11.6 146,474 .357 Revolver<br>8.8 111,558 9 mm Semiautomatic<br>7.0 87,714 .25 Semiautomatic<br>6.7 84,474 .22 Semiautomatic<br>5.4 68,112 .380 Semiautomatic<br>3.7 46,503 .45 Semiautomatic<br>3.3 41,318 .32 Revolver<br>3.1 39,254 .44 Revolver<br>1.5 18,377 .32 Semiautomatic<br>1.3 16,214 .45 Revolver<br>Source: ATF <br><br>The use of the .22 caliber round in homicides has declined since the mid 80's, but at one time the .22 was the preferred caliber of choice due to its affordability as well as its reduced noise as compared to a mid caliber centerfire cartridge. Today the .22 is responsible for roughly 16% of all homicides involving guns. Second only to the .38 caliber.
.22 has almost no stopping power and not much penetration but when it impacts the skull it ricochets inside...thus death. Plus, it's quiet, even more so with sub-sonic ammunition therefore no need for a silencer. I would rather have my SKS for survival but if i need silent, it's a .22 or a blade
when i made this i basically followed the typical slow moving zombie, not infected &quot;superhuman&quot; zombie (28 weeks later) and a .22lr can kill a zombie with a good headshot. While it does not have good stopping power, its versitility is great with its light ammo, no recoil, etc. I would however carry a sidearm such as a compact glock pistol
I know you can drink from taps and all, but just in case the water source is polluted (i.e. zombie blood, nuclear, poop, pee, dead body or watever) some water bottle is a MUST... other than that good plan and now i feel that im not alone. I am also scared of zombie Apocalypse bla bla.<br><br>WORST SCENARIO EVAAAARRR:<br>Zombies are not dumb and are very intelligent. They can claw up like a cat and can also use machine guns, pistols, grenades and can make Molotov and stuff.<br>OR<br>they have exact same intelligence like before they are dead.<br><br>hope the zombies are super du- wait. better yet hope zombies will NEVER exist. :D
Your list looks good, but I think a very sharp machete, samurai sword, or even confederate calvary saber might round things out nicely. It is hard to beat something that can decapitate at arms length and doesn't require an endless supply of ammo!<br><br>Also, in a true zombie apocalypse, gold would just be dead weight slowing you down. No one would want it if they thought about it for a moment or more. True ZA survivors know that *ammunition* in common calibers will be the only currency accepted everywhere and one that can be &quot;spent&quot; to kill zombies directly as a last resort. Sure, if one is a highly trained Mall Ninja (google it), killing a zombie with a gold coin can be easily done, but it is far easier for us mere mortals to use a bullet or two.
A katana (samurai sword) would not be a good idea, they are VERY high maintenance.
no theyre not. you just gotta keep them clean. also, theyre self sharpening so theres that haha
Hahah, they are definitely NOT self sharpening. They are however very sharp, and take a pretty long time to dull. You say only have to clean them, this is true, but the cleaning process can take over 30 minutes, and needs to be preformed at least once a week. They are made of carbon steel, so they will rust very easily, so you must keep them oiled and away from water as best you can.
Why not use a big bore pellet gun? They come in large calibers, up to .50 (maybe more I don't know) and are quiet. There is no gunpowder involved so ammunition is safe and smaller to carry. Most big bore rifles are also PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) so they don't have any recoil and all you have to do is pump them up after (correct me if I'm wrong) about 100 rounds.
wow- you did such a great job of copying everything from The Zombie Survival Guide- hope you plan on a little bit more hands on approach when the shtf....
dude oil mining oil can't be use as they are sticky and unable to burn
Might I suggest something a little more off road rugid than the Honda? Perhaps a Jeep Wrangler hard top. That honda would get caught in the mud too easy on any logging roads or dirt roads. True it would have better gas mileage, but in a situation where you're not likely to even be able to use the roads after a few hours or days, there's not a lot of reason to worry about keeping a car gassed up.<br><br>
When i was choosing a vehicle i had a tough pill to swallow, toughness vs gas mileage. don't really understand your statement about using roads in a few hours or days.............. i think the honda crx as long as you put on some good offroad tires can be used for bugging out as you won't have to worry about running out of gas as quickly and can be rugged enough for routes such as railroads, canals. if the location isn't really far away you could use the go-kart i have just added for the reaons stated in the paragraph about it
why diden't you go with the willies Jeep? a beast off road, reliable, and not to thirsty.
What about a compression-ignition diesel engine? You could create all the biofuel you could possibly want from plant matter. That way, you could use a totally rugged car, and set up biofuel creation plants when the invasion hits. Unfortunately, many modern diesel engines are of a different style, and do not work well with biodiesel.
This right here https://www.instructables.com/id/Convert-your-Honda-Accord-to-run-on-trash/ would probably be the most ideal vehicle with this idea, unfortuently very few people have these and i am unsure if during the great panic people would be able to create any biodiesel creation plants. still thanks for inspiring me to add the &quot;trash&quot; car to my instructable =)
oh, very interesting. The trash car would be an awesome anti-zombie vehicle!
also you should pack corn beef hash its full of protien carbs and sugars (from the potatoes) and its filling it has about 1200 calories and is cheap also you can eat it with out heating it it precooked so and its good <br>
i would suggest going to something a little larger than a .22, and also a good pump shotgun to round out your arsenal. my rifle of choice would be a bushmaster m-4 type with the gas piston upgrade, for when the soldiers become zombies you can resupply after you drop a couple of zombie soldiers. thats just me though,<br>
also for step 5 you could fill the car with gasoline explosives and add shrapnel for good measure
Step 5 (about the car alarms) is used in the Left 4 Dead games. lol
gold may not be very useful if it has no use to someone they may not want to trade for it. I would get a waste pan and go to the ocean to boil sea water and get salt from thee bottom of the pan. Then replace the ramen with oats and rice the also add a pellet gun(plenty of ammo and very quiet). Otherwise nice guide.
precious metals have been known to be valuable currency's in times of crisis so thats why i added it, while a pellet gun is great for is silence it usually can't penetrate a skull and destroy the brain, and i will add the oats and rice thank you. Ramen though is not good for you but is still quick, cheap, food that most people have
However, a spring pellet gun, like a break barrle, can be usefull for hunting small game if food should run short...
yes good if you are not on the move all the time. Don't think one of those however would have the power to penetrate a zombie that comes behind you and is very slow to reload compared to a magazine carrying .22lr
I'll point out an aluminum baseball bat is more likely to bend than do true damage to a skull over multiple uses. Your best off with a lead pipe with an area taped up for grip if you can find it. Or an asp if you can get that (won't break a skull but you can break knees/elbows with it).<br><br>Otherwise not a bad guide overall.
good point but i figured most people wouldn't have a lead pipe to use, think overall that a crowbar is one of the best melee weapons<br>

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