The Classy Mocktail





Introduction: The Classy Mocktail

Do you want a good, simple, non-alcoholic beverage made with ingredients that you probably already have in your fridge? A beverage that doesn’t fog, change color, have things floating in it, or any other frills (not that frills are bad) but just tastes good?

Well then The Classy Mocktail is the beverage for you!

Step 1: Ingredients

For The Classy Mocktail, you will need:
5 tsp (About 0.9 oz) Orange juice
5 tsp Cranberry juice
2 tbsp (About an ounce) of Apple juice
1 1/2 Sierra Mist (or the lemon lime soft drink of your choosing)
3 ice cubes
1 8oz glass

Step 2: Oh So Frosty!

First, put 3 icecubes into your 8oz glass.

Step 3: Nothing Rhymes With Orange (juice)

Add 5 teaspoons of orange juice to the glass.
(If you don't feel like sitting and measuring out 5 tsp,  for a tablespoon and 2 teaspoons)

Step 4: Cranberry Juice!

Add 5 tsp of cranberry juice to the ice cubes and orange juice.
Grab the top of the glass, keep the bottom of the glass flat on the surface of your counter/table/bar and swirl it around to mix, making sure it doesn’t fly out of the glass.

Step 5: Apple Juice!

Add your 2 tbsp of Apple juice to the ice cubes, orange, and cranberry juice.
Swirl around the same as before, on slightly less violently than before.

Step 6: Lemony Lime Time!

Add one half of a cup of Sierra Mist (Or of course, your choice of lemon lime soft drink) to the ice cubes, cranberry juice, etc..
The fresher and fizzier the soda is the better, so it's best to use from a new bottle.

Step 7: Enjoy!

This is a great drink if you want a tasty cocktail for those who don't drink alcohol, great for your kids or just if you've had a long day.



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    any substitutes for cranberry juice? i'm thinking to use grenadine, how much should i use

    I definitely recommend cranberry juice for the acidity that it brings to the party, gives it a nice little bit of brashness in contrast to the sweetness of the apple juice and soda. So if you're going to substitute it I would go with something acidic. If you really want to use grenadine, I would use one tablespoon and a bit of lemon juice.

    A little (read: lot) late, but thanks for the advice.

    I would propably sink some grenadine to the bottom. It makes it nicely colored and gives little bit of taste at the end.

    i want to make a huge jug of this and just chug all of it. its delish

    cant wait to try got my vote!!!

    This looks and sounds really good! You have my vote!

    My morning beverage of choice is a 50/50 mix of sunny delight (orange juice) and a cranberry/apple juice blend in a large glass of ice. I'll have to try the lemon-lime soda addition