Introduction: The Claw.

This is how to build... The Claw.

The Claw is my awesome 3 fingered robotic gripper. it is controlled with a servo, and can be attached to another servo which acts as a "wrist".

To see what it should look like, there is a video here

(for the NRW contest, I am 15)

Step 1: Laser Cut the Pieces

Below are the DXF designs to laser cut the pieces. It should be fairly self explanatory. If you don't have access to a laser cutter, then the designs are also below.

You will also need:
3 x 3mm bolt
3 x 3mm nylock
some multicore wire
some 3mm dowel
3 small pull springs
a drill
a servo
4 x 4mm bolt
4 x 4mm nut

Step 2: Assemble the Base

You should have 3 circular baseplates. one of them has two long rectangular slots in, put this to one side. Glue the other two plates together, making sure all the holes line up. I used bolts to make sure the holes were lined up. 

Step 3: Add the Jaw Mounts

Glue the 6 smallest pieces into the baseplate, ensuring they are perfectly upright.

Step 4: Mount the Servo Mounts

Bolt the servo into one of the two servo mounts using the 4mm bolts and nuts. Then, turn the baseplates over and glue the two mounts in.

Step 5: Add the Dowels

Cut 6 pieces of 3mm dowel to 50mm long. Insert them through the 6 outer holes on the two baseplates, so the ends are flush with the side opposite the servo. I found that scraping the ends with a pencil sharpener blade ensured a good fit. 

Step 6: Add the 3rd Baseplate

Hook the 3 springs over alternate dowels, making sure they are on the ones that sit between pairs of jaw mounts. Then, push the 3rd baseplate onto the dowels.

Step 7: Glue in the "wrist" Mounts

Glue the two "wrist" pieces into the 3rd baseplate.

(Sorry about the lack of picture, I appear to have forgotten to take one.)

Step 8: Add the Jaws

Drill a small hole horizontally into the hole nearest the centre. Also, file into each side of the other hole, so the spring will fit around. Then, feed the end of a piece of wire into the hole, and draw it out the side. Tie a knot in the end, and push it back into the hole. Then, bolt each jaw between the jaw mounts with a bolt and nylock.

Step 9: Finish Off

Bend the end of the spring enough to fit around the edge of the hole, before bending it back into place. Run the 3 jaw wires down the central hole, and tie them throught the holes in the servo head.

Step 10: Enjoy!

This can be mounted on another servo to form a wrist. The servo should pull the wires, which close the jaws. When the servo turns the other way, they should be pulled open by the springs.

Health and Safety:

Warning, claw may become sentient and eat your soul. Also, you may find small children or pets going missing.


tinker234 made it! (author)2011-06-05

hey could i use a dremel

AntMan232 made it! (author)AntMan2322011-06-05

So could I...

tinker234 made it! (author)tinker2342011-06-05

so i can just use my dremel

Tardisrepairman made it! (author)Tardisrepairman2015-03-13

Don't let a completed Claw get hold of your Dremel! It will use it to build an army of Claws!

(For the same reason, don't let your Claw into a hardware store!)

ka3ros made it! (author)2014-06-13

I really like the design.

I'll reproduce a tiny one but with a stepper motor and a screw instead of the cables.

rpjamess1 made it! (author)2011-03-19

I made a claw using three one time but they were set with a two-one configuration, not circular like this. I used rubber bands instead of springs but have another thought. What about two wheels connected to the servo, feeding wire as in your plan, closing the claw, and the other feeding the opposite way to where the springs are attached? This would make the open and close completely dependent on the servo and no need for the springs.

AntMan232 made it! (author)AntMan2322011-03-20

I thought about rubber bands, but decded springs were probably better. Also, I came up with your idea about wires pulling both ways myself, but it was simpler to build using springs. Thanks for the feedback though!!

rpjamess1 made it! (author)rpjamess12012-02-24

The springs are a much better idea. After about three days of playing with the design we had to replace the bands because the snapped. Let me tell you about the pain my hand went through while fine tuning everything...

hlugo made it! (author)2011-09-19

i saw your claws and arm with wrist on youtube and i just have to say they are great. im just wondering if you have this in a CAD file that i could use?? im trying to make the claw cuz it looks awesome.

AntMan232 made it! (author)AntMan2322011-09-20

I can't release the files for the wrist and arm, because they are part of my IGCSE project, and the exam board might get funny. The file for the Claw above, though, is attached.

AntMan232 made it! (author)2011-04-09

The whole assembly is about 20cm long. If there is a better filetype for you, just ask and I will send it to you. If you want to edit DXFs, then i can recommend QCAD or Draftsight. Please send me a photo if you make one.

The Ideanator made it! (author)2011-03-19

Very nice, this could be quite useful in some evil world domination robot! You should post the drawings to thingverse too...

uberzombiebob made it! (author)uberzombiebob2011-03-27

its a dalek claw isn't it?

The Ideanator made it! (author)The Ideanator2011-03-27

I thought the Dalek's had a toilet plunger, not a claw...
But still, it is an excellent addition.

JavaNut13 made it! (author)JavaNut132011-04-03

They only had a toilet plunger because the BBC couldn't afford grippers..

AntMan232 made it! (author)AntMan2322011-04-03

You wouldn't say that to a Dalek's face...

The Ideanator made it! (author)The Ideanator2011-04-03

Not if I get all Bad Wolf up in its, uh, eyestalk thing.

uberzombiebob made it! (author)uberzombiebob2011-03-28

some daleks have plungers others have claws, flamethrowers, extra weaponry and assorted other tools depending on their assignment.

AntMan232 made it! (author)AntMan2322011-03-19

That is the eventual plan! I will be using this as part of my GCSE project for tech, the project is technically a teaching aid, but ...

caarntedd made it! (author)2011-03-19

The Craw!

gannon12raiders made it! (author)gannon12raiders2011-03-22

Not Craw, Craw!

AntMan232 made it! (author)AntMan2322011-03-23


shadeydave made it! (author)shadeydave2011-03-27

It's a reference to "Get Smart", the american spoofy spy TV show from the 60's. Agent 99 (Maxwell Smart) had an Asian supervilan enemy called "The Claw", but due to an unfortunate and racist play on his accent it always came out "CRAW!".

AntMan232 made it! (author)AntMan2322011-03-28

Sorry, I'm about 40 years younger than i would have to be to have seen that!

burnerjack01 made it! (author)burnerjack012011-03-27

No! Not the Craw, the CRAW!!

ckpirate made it! (author)2011-03-28

Great instructable! By the way Maxwell Smart was Agent 86, Barbera Feldon was Agent 99.

Dumchicken made it! (author)2011-03-19

is this like the claw shot from legend of zelda: twilight princess?

AntMan232 made it! (author)AntMan2322011-03-20


burnerjack01 made it! (author)burnerjack012011-03-27

Hilarious! Great response!

dombeef made it! (author)2011-03-25

This is just like the claw I made and instructable for, though your's is motorized, good job!

dombeef made it! (author)dombeef2011-03-25

It is also exactly one month after the one i made's date when I posted it on instructables

AntMan232 made it! (author)AntMan2322011-03-26

To be perfectly honest, I have never seen that before today, and there really isn't much resemblance. I designed mine on my own at home here in QCAD.

Tomcat94 made it! (author)2011-03-23

No one can escape THE CLAWWW!!!!

Great instructable. I just wish I had the materials to make it....

twolf1 made it! (author)2011-03-20

perfect for a big duo cosplay x)

mr.incredible made it! (author)2011-03-20

Awsome job. For anyone who wants to get something laser cut go to Cheap, lots of materials, and about 10 days shipped. I like the bamboo plywood.

baneat made it! (author)2011-03-19

The Claw is our Master! He decides who will go and who shall stay!

aashilrv made it! (author)aashilrv2011-03-20

LOL I love toystory........!!!!!!!!!

AntMan232 made it! (author)AntMan2322011-03-20

You have the right idea!

Kiteman made it! (author)2011-03-19

Is this your own design, or one you've gotten from somewhere else?

AntMan232 made it! (author)AntMan2322011-03-19

I designed this all myself. This is the 3rd version, if you follow the youtube link and look at my other videos, you will see the 2nd version. I have been revising and developing this for a while!!

Kiteman made it! (author)Kiteman2011-03-19

That is great - it's just hard to tell when there's no handwriting on the designs...

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