Picture of The Clicker
When I want to annoy someone, I take my clicker and I say:
"Hey! Hey! Do you listen it? Can you hear it? is it cool?" etc.
You want to know why?

Step 1: Parts you will need

Picture of Parts you will need
1. A breadboard
2. 2 small wires
3. A 470 Ω resistor
4. An LED
5. A toggle switch or pushbutton
6. A magnetic transducer
7. A 9 volt battery and clip
dario13 years ago
wait, what The Clicker does?
jensenr304 years ago
what is a transducer, and what is it's purpose in this circuit? I like the layout of this instructable!!
It seems to be a piezo speaker.
LABOURING DEER (author)  zaketus4 years ago
It could be, but it's kind of weird; If you would have one, you would probably know what i mean.
LABOURING DEER (author)  jensenr304 years ago
unfortunately, I dont really know what is a transducer, but it turns out that when i press the pushbutton, it clicks!
oh yeah, and try running this circuit at 1.5 or 2 volts, because it almost short-circuited when I tried it at higher voltage...
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