Reaction... A true Odammo pistol with magazine if you use anything please leave credit

Step 1: The Mag

This is the mag... Pretty simple.

Step 2: The Handle

New type of handle ... Pretty sturdy

Step 3: So Yeah

This is quite simple my frist ever ! :-) please don't hate.
Check out my TGG 1
Oh lord dude get out of 2006.
Get him a timemachine, stat.
Oh lordy...
Thanks guys ...<br>I was contemplating on Wether to post my guns at all but all this support has really changed all that! Thanks again and . Should I post instructions for my less ovious builds?
hmmmmm.... Well do what you want. If you feel posting them will help you out and the community out, go right ahead. <br> <br>Sorry about the late response.
I like reaction by the way I may change it.
The more you build, the better your guns will be and this isn't bad at all :D
Well this is a great start! Try looking around at the other knex guns on this site and try some of the styling. This gun is much better than how I started so keep up the good work! For a name how about Reaction?
Err yeah... Any suggestions for a new name?
Interesting enough, but &quot;the climax&quot;?

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