Introduction: The Clogged Pen

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Step 1: Get Any Pen

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Step 2: Take Lid Off

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Step 3: Remove Tip

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Get a pair of pliers and the tip comes off easily by pulling

Step 4: Add Pipe Cleaner

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Take a pipe cleaner cut 1/8inch off and insert the little piece were the tip was use a pair of toenail clippers or scissor to cut off the little stub then use the tip of a mechanical pencil or something small to push it down a paper clip works

Step 5: Your Done

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Next time a friend needs a pen give them this pen before you do scribble the ink out of the tip of the pen


randomprojectguy (author)2013-03-26

It's a prank you clog the pen with the pipe cleaner

Barb37 (author)2013-03-26

I'm SO excited to find a brand new, clever solution to fixing my favorite (perpetually) "clogged pen[s]!" I need help, please, understanding how to use the pipe cleaner parts of this fix. Do I:
Use the pipe cleaner to actually clear a clog?
Leave the pipe cleaner in the pen's ink tube?
What am I trying to accomplish using the pipe cleaner?

Also, where in the heck will I find a pipe-cleaner these days?!

Thanks for any help you can give me - I have high hopes for this fix!

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