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Introduction: The "Cludgie" Workshop

Welcome to my world - what used to be an stonebuilt outside toilet and coal store (common to my part of the world) has now been 'upgraded' to my workspace. This is an old pic, I've since managed to shoehorn in a small bandsaw... seriously!

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    my work space is just a tiny bit bigger but yours is nicer i dont have electric in there either i run a extension cord too

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    Hey 2stroke, you'll have to upload a pic. The stuff I make is generally small scale so I'd be interested to see how you manage to weld motors to bikes, that sounds pretty serious for a small space :-)

    i cant find my camera my phone is broken too but my shed is 6' x 8' probably a little shorter than you shed workshop i utilized wall space and very less floor space

    outside in my back yard is where id the welding and steel fabrication my tools are in the shed and my room my welder is on a homemade cart with huge tires 8 inch air tires (wheel barrow ) i have a 50 ft extension cord 12 gauge to run the tiny 70 amp stick welder and a 14 gauge one for my tools i have a small work bench in there too

    Great lesson from this workspace : when you don't have much space don't get too fussy with too many boxes, drawers etc… otherwise you'll be lost !!… Better to rely on basics such as few big boxes and shelves where everything will fit as it comes.
    Congratulations !…

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    Cheers! though the novelty of continually tripping over and/or losing stuff is starting to waer off :-)

    Oh yes !!…
    Do I know this !!!!…
    Precisely yesterday I drove to the dump facility with the car filled with as much junk as it could hold ! ……

    yeah the left handed hammer and screwdriver gave it away. how did you get the lecky intae yer workshop?

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    Have you seen the price of left handed hammers on ebay?

    The inside of the Cludgy is so damp, I can't risk permanent leccy so I run an extension cable from the kitchen! The major downside of this is that when its raining (pretty much most of the time) and I have time to work on stuff, I can't because I'd probably electrocute myself.

    Still, I tell myself working primarily with hand tools adds integrity to my work... though I'd swap for The New Yankee Workshop in a heartbeat :-)

    Built like a brick you know what huh? Before I saw this I always just assumed it was only an expression. I'm wondering are you left handed?

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    Ha! That's an interesting observation there, which also happens to be correct. I'm guessing it's because all the tools are on the left side of the bench, right?

    You know what they say? Only lefties are in their right minds. Should be a poll they did on this site, left, or right handed.

    Sounds like a great idea, I'm guessing the results would show there's a disproportionately large amount of creative lefties in instructables land :-)