Picture of The Coaster-Lid. Machined with a 3-axis Mill. Designed in 3ds MAX.
The Coaster-Lid.

It began it's life as a slab of acrylic. Using a 3-axis CNC mill, it was machined into the perfect piece for office desktops. Use it as a coaster to keep rings off of desks and utilize the spoon sill to catch drips. It is also used as a lid to keep dust and pathogens as you transport the beverage from the tea room to the workspace.

Step 1: Step1. The Design.

Picture of Step1. The Design.
A basic drawing was done of the project and measurements were taken from a variety of coffee mugs to confirm dimensions. The completed item would be cut from a piece of acrylic 9.5mm thick. Tea spoons were also compared to settle on an appropriate diameter for the spoon recess.

The measurements used for this item.

-D1 (circle for the main recess) = 84mm
-D2 (circle for the spoon recess) = 26mm

I draft of the 2D mechanical drawing was then done in a sketch book for reference.
reedz3 years ago
This is a really cool idea, has it been mass produced before? Maybe you would be interested in doing a Kickstarter project for it?
yukamars (author)  reedz3 years ago
Thank you!
I will consider doing a Kickstarter Project with my coaster-lid.
Thank you for introducing me with such a cool website! Haha
reedz yukamars3 years ago
That's great! When you get the project up and everything, put the link here, I'll forward it to a bunch of people I know as well as some good spots on Reddit. Good luck!
Orngrimm3 years ago
Oh... Nice thinking there! I like the simplicity of the idea and the execution as well!
Nicely done!

And yeah... Why not try a kickstarter?
yukamars (author)  Orngrimm3 years ago
Haha, Thank you!
Kickstarter is pretty cool!
I will consider some more project to do with it. haha