Step 3: Step3. Importing Into Artcam to Create Machine Tool Paths.

A new model is opened in Artcam with dimensions large enough to have the design fit with approximately 1cm of clearance on each side to prevent the machine tools from colliding with the clamps used in the machine to secure the piece of acrylic.

The model .dwg file is then imported and placed in the center of the model.

There are three types of tool path that were used with this project. 

- 2D Engraving.
- Machine Along Vector.
- 2D Profiling.

The created toolpaths are then exported and then opened with Mach2 Mill, the program that controls the CNC Milling machine.

An acrylic piece, the same dimensions of the Artcam model is secured in place in the machine.

The tools used in the mill.

-3mm End Mill

This is a really cool idea, has it been mass produced before? Maybe you would be interested in doing a Kickstarter project for it?
Thank you! <br>I will consider doing a Kickstarter Project with my coaster-lid. <br>Thank you for introducing me with such a cool website! Haha
That's great! When you get the project up and everything, put the link here, I'll forward it to a bunch of people I know as well as some good spots on Reddit. Good luck!
Oh... Nice thinking there! I like the simplicity of the idea and the execution as well! <br>Nicely done! <br> <br>And yeah... Why not try a kickstarter?
Haha, Thank you! <br>Kickstarter is pretty cool! <br>I will consider some more project to do with it. haha

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