This is a super tiny pocket sized coil gun! Although this is not the most powerful coil gun, its size and looks make up for it!

Step 1: Gathering Materials and Tools


-Disposable camera
-Empty pack of gum
-1/8 Tube ( old pen tubes work great!)
-1/8 Nail
-On/Off Switch
-Normally Open Button switch
-Extra wire
-Super glue

Tools used:
-Soldering gun
-Bench grinder
-Hack saw
<p>So I attempted to build this project and I was wondering did you modify the circuit board too? or should the simple circuit that you drew should work? because when I attempted to test the circuit it didn't work. I also saw how you put everything in the plastic case and the components on the circuit board looked different. </p>
<p>This is Awesome! The diagrams where super helpful. So you did the pixel art yourself? Great project!</p>
Sir, you are a genius. What brand of camera did you use?
<p>What kind of disposable camera did you use? The brand name would really help. </p>
So is it one big coil,or seperate layers!
Is the bench grinder really nesscesary or can I use a file <br>
Can I solder the coil leads to where the flash was? <br>
Hello! I was wondering if I need to use the red magnet wire for the coil or if I could just use 24 gauge copper wire?
I have a question can you hook your brain up to my computer without frying either of the two, so i may copy some of your BRILLIANCE to my hard disk?
Is this achievable if i only use parts from the disposable camera? <br>Do you think i can do this without soldering?
you may be able to, size will be a problem though. but its worth a shot! if you cant fit it into a gum thing maybe try an Altoids tin
Will definitely be making this soon. What size acrylic did you use?
Cool! It's nice as a spy weapon too!
Thankyou! works great!

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