Picture of The Collegiate Foam Sack
      A couple of year ago, I produced a very large sack that was not only comfortable, but people loved it.  There was only one problem with this sack, It was a bit too big.  With college coming quick I needed something that would still have the same qualities only a bit smaller.  We have to remember college dorms aren't the biggest things in the world.  The basic shape is a 4' by 3.5' cylinder with 60lbs of foam.  This sack was modeled off of the classic Movie Sac.  The benefits of making your own sack is saving money and making it exactly how you want it!  This sack seats about 2 and is perfect for you and your special someone.
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Step 1: Sack Prep

Picture of Sack Prep
Overall cost:  150-200$

Step 2: Cylinder shape

Picture of Cylinder shape
The basic shape of the sack is a cylinder that is 4' by 3.5'.  The longer you make the cylinder the less fluffy it gets.   Make one, 4' 4'' circles in the fabric.  The extra 4 inches is for the sewing.  The next circle you make you will need to make a little wider on one end to compensate for the zipper and the Velcro.  If you fold the fabric in half and cut a circle you can make sure the circle is even.

Step 3: Sew all sides together

Picture of Sew all sides together
When sewing everything together you must remember to sew it outside-in.  When you flip it to right side-in all the seams will be on the inside and the outside will look professional.  I started off by sewing both circles to the 13' rectangle.  Then i came and sewed the final line to connect it all.  Make sure you take your time on this part and double stitch everything.  This will prolong the life of your sack. once everything is done flip it around and pour the foam in!
pwatkins31 year ago
You can buy a Cozy Sack on Amazon cheaper than making this one lol but nice instructable!
I've seen bean bag beans at K-mart. I'm not sure if they still have them, but you can check.
rbohringer3 years ago
could you use packing peanuts instead of foam?
chinchymork (author)  rbohringer3 years ago
you could but i don't recommend it. Packing peanuts deflate over time and wear out, also when you sit on the sack the noise would be awful! My recommendation would be shredded poly foam there's a link on my instructable.
Carleyy3 years ago
This is awesome and looks super comfy. Perfect for any dorm room!
chinchymork (author)  Carleyy3 years ago
It's so comfy you have no idea. I always fall asleep when i do home work in it though haha no joke!