The Colourful Rio Bird


Introduction: The Colourful Rio Bird

Hello everyone! Get ready to experience the Rio! We are now going to make and paint to form a beautiful, mesmerising Rio Bird!

Buckle up for the amazing ride as we are on the way to Rio!!

Step 1: Bird's Sketch

Pull your imagination and sketch a beautiful Rio bird on your chart paper with pencil

Step 2: Components Required

1. Quilling paper

2. Glue (Fevicol)

3. Acrylic colours

4. Ice cream sticks

5. Crimper

6. Quilling sticks

7. Chart paper

8. Quilling needle

9. Thread

Step 3: The Bird's Body!

  • Now that, we have a clear sketch of the bird, we will start with it's body.
  • Fix the quilling paper in the quilling needle and rotate it to form a colorful filling!
  • Place the fillings along the sketch to obtain the body of the bird.

Step 4: The "EYES"

  • Repeat the previous step with a different paper.
  • Arrange the obtained filling in the eye's sketch!

Step 5: The Background for the Beauty!

  • Now that, we are almost done with the body of the bird. Now it's time to sketch the background of the bird !
  • Quill the papers in the form of ellipse in the required colour and place them carefully to form beautiful flowers!

Step 6: The Rio's Head!

  • Using the quilling equipments, carefully shape the papers big & small so that, it fits the head and beak of the bird accurately!
  • Place and fix the quilling papers on the sketch of the bird's head and beak
  • Be careful that the quilling does not exceed the sketch's limit!

Step 7: Stem and Leaf of the Background

  • Use Green & black colours for the leaf & stem along the flowers that were fixed previously
  • Don't forget the buds !! Fill them with your favourite colour ;)

Step 8: Almost Done!

  • After all the procedures are done as instructed, the Rio baby looks like this ! ;)
  • Make necessary corrections if needed!

Step 9: The Background Colour!

  • What is a Rio bird without a mesmerising blue sky?!
  • Take your paint and brushes & paint the beautiful blue sky!

Step 10: The Final Picture :)

After all that's done, this is how the Colourful Rio Bird looks like!! :) Hope you like it ;) Thank you !



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    3 Discussions

    Gorgeous! It probably would have been easier to paint the sky first, right?

    Gorgeous! It probably would have been easier to paint the sky first, right?

    Very beautifully done! Thanks for sharing!