The Compact Zombie Apocalypse Bag





Introduction: The Compact Zombie Apocalypse Bag

When it comes to circumventing zombies, the last thing you wanna do is alert the undead to your presence by clumsily bumping into things because you are wearing a gigantic backpack! However, you also want to be fully prepared just in case your worst fears are realized!

So how does one solve this problem?! The answer is The Compact Zombie Apocalypse Bag! This pack is your best bet for survival against the hordes of undead who may be approaching your door at this very moment!!! This Rush 12 backpack by 5.11 provides the living with a versatile design in a compact form factor! Meaning that all you need - and more - will fit inside of this condensed tactical pack which will empower you not only to be agile enough for evading the walkers but it also enables you to become a powerful force to recon with when you go on the offensive!

I encourage you to use this video to gain the knowledge to build your own Zombie Apocalypse Bag before it's too late!

Stay safe out there! And remember to double tap, don't be a hero and always limber up! :)

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I say use the msk 1 knife

survival is some thing you would like to take a position in. Military packs square measure an honest place to start out, however a from an outside store is additionally a viable possibility, additionally to being sturdy, get a pack that may accommodate all the gear you propose to load in it. It ought to have a minimum of 2,000 cubic inches of packable house, confirm its still comfy once stuffed full.

this is awesome!!!!!Where did you get the bag?

I think it said 5.11 on the bag. They make tactical stuff like bags, pants, gloves, and shirts.

awesome where did you get the gas mask?

first comment in 2015 and cool one dude

Thank you for the nice instructable


hey!!! iam very intersted at your videos, actyally iam fanatic!! can you give a adreess of these shops, i wanna buy gear!

I just found this thing. It has some chemicals that keep the mosquitos away, it is small, lightweight, and works for 48 hours, and all I can think of is FINALLY!!!!
So you could add this, to keep away the bugs, without using that military stuff.