The Competitor III Bullpup Edition





Introduction: The Competitor III Bullpup Edition

Well, again this took way longer than expected, but I think you will truly be amazed at the dramatic change of styling in this Competitor. After you have picked your jaw off the ground and have gazed through a couple of the pictures you may be wondering; what makes this a Competitor? I asked the same thing to myself and I have decided that if I can make a Knex gun without broken pieces then it belongs in my Competitor series. I don't have anything against using broken pieces, it just seems that broken pieces are a almost mindless way to accomplish something rather than think through a way of using the pieces as they are.  Alright, enough rambling, moving on.

Competitor three is full Bull-pup style with a vengeful disappreciation for the QCW-05 I made a long time ago. I hope this thing looks as good to you as it does to me because I spent a lot of time trying to make this look amazing. The handle on this gun is very confortable and doesn't kill your hand like some of the handles I've made in the past.  The trigger mech on this gun took longer than the appearance. If I would have used any broken pieces it would have been there, but I didn't =P. The gun with one rubberband has an effective range of 25ft. with an occasional 30ft shot. I would have added more rubberbands but I'm afraid the mech can't take the strain.

Now for all you who don't like reading long paragraphs, the simplified stats.


Comfortable handle
Removable preloaded magazine
No broken pieces
Mech can only hold so many rubberbands
Reloading clip is a bit challenging
4 ball and socket connector and 2 hinges (so six of any combination are needed)
Range just seems a tad short at 25 to 30 feet.


I love this gun and I hope that this maybe will strike some intrest into the competitor series. I do plan on making a guide for this but my next post will be the P90, so it will be up after that. Please leave a comment or suggestion about what you think of this so I can reference that for my next knex gun. Thanks!



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    Hey man, you still doing stuff with this gun. I was looking through your 'ibles and got curious.

    Unfortunatly this is long gone. I did take pictures so people (mainly headlessknight) could build it. I think this gun was a great bullpup but lacked in mech strength so using more than two rubberbands would be a disaster.
    I'm considering revisiting a bullpup, still considering. I want to post ibles for at least three guns so I have awhile to decide.

    Ah, I see. That makes sense. I have lots on concepts I have never even visited (tried to build). Shell-ejecting guns, fully automatic guns, pump action guns, break action guns, the list goes on, and on, and on. I need to build a bullpup, really really soon.

    Well I did send you that pm about a particular bullpup collab. I'm going to get busy tommorrow with getting zip2 posted because I fixed its weak pump linkage. Anyway get back to me on the pm and we'll see about a bullpup. (I got ideas for a performance bullpup mechanism)

    I reply to that PM SSPS (XD, I mean ASAP, you'll get the joke if you watch Duck Dynasty).

    hi everypony long time no see has jonny posted this yet ?

    I am so sorry about this... I still have it. I can get you some pictures of all the layers and magazine tomorrow afternoon. As to a full ible' I'll get it up as soon I get a day off work.
    I'm sorry I haven't been more punctual on posting this. I really do appreciate that you want to build it.

    take your time man sorry if im bugging you to much i just love the series you made but the first competitor don't feel right for me and if i mod this for a stock i'll take pics and post them

    No it's fine. I'm thrilled that you enjoy my competitors! I'm just a lazy procrastinator. I don't usual get started with something until the last second so I can understand why you're asking.
    I'm adding pictures to the ible' as I write this. Hopefully you can build the gun through those and if you need any more pictures or angle I'll make a complete ible for it next week.

    Thanks for building my guns though =D I'm glad you enjoy them as much as I do.

    Ok, first of all... :3 This was posted on my birthday. Oh, and nice job. I love to see how when certain people build something they get a certain kind of look that no one can seem to replicate; this is certainly the case here. Nice job!