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A realistic war guide, by knexers that know what they are doing, for knexers that suck at knex and fail at life.

Step 1: Tactics

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Ok, tactics. 

Well first of all it depends on your gun, what works for a Tr18 probably won't work for a Wrectangle, but here's a few general tactics, we'll get to more specialized tactics a bit later on.

-Never let your gun run out of ammo, as soon as there is cover reload.
-Work as a team, you can only shoot one person at a time, so if two or three of you attack one person at a time you have a higher chance of success.
-You are not Chuck Norris, do not even try, you will fail.
-Make your shots count, don't just fire off your gun randomly, aim.
-Don't charge a group of enemies, doing so will result in failure, or death, possibly both, unless your gun has a high ROF (Rate of fire) and a lot of ammo.
-If you are going to pick up ammo off the ground, do it when there are no enemies around.
-Ambush your enemy while he is reloading.
-Use all available cover to your advantage.
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I personally would be the one with MY very one one shot sniper it has great accuracy! Or I would use a turret pistol, but I forgot who made it.

The Knexer2 years ago
Prim 1 : Tr8/ Knexsayer w/8 shot turret (Compact, reliable, Doesnt jam/turret gets stuck, range , accuracy, power)
Prim 2: Untangle (Range, Power, Accuracy, Silence)

Secondary 1 : Tbos With modified Slide and removable mags ( Rof, power, accuracy, reload)
Secondary 2: Compact SRV2 Modified pistol. (Range, Accuracy, power, silence)
Now that I think about it.... Realisticly I cant hold the guns all at once.....
Primary 1: Tr8
Primary 2: Narp (Not A Rectangle Pistol)

Secondary 1: Tbos W/slide and removable mags
Secondary 2: Knex Builders Small slingshot pistol

Extras: 3 Mini Fred Da Bunny Stick type grenades. (Yellow rod length) and my Tactical knife.
What pistol is in the top picture
jamesdude2 years ago
combat arms?
RangerStorz2 years ago
primary A: own design SR-35 Sniper rifle
primary B: own design AR-35 SMG

secundairy A: Desert Eagle
secundairy B: tactical knife with mini gun inside

as you may see: im a long range fighter :)
mrmuffin3 years ago
Primary a tr36 primary b Knex wasp secadary a my luger secandary b my mini mag fed pistol
moospoos3 years ago
Primary A: I_am_canadian's Heavy cannon V5 (Handheld)-
Because of the long range and moddabble ammo

Primary B: Dual mezak-
Because the ram rods cam hook eachother and you can then load em and shoot em!!!

Secondary A: My modded meZAK with removable clips-
Because i can then fast reload and it is pretty powerfull for its size

Secondary B: The break action shell ejecting double shooting shotgun thingy-
Nuff said

kylekosan234 years ago
whait i thought this was by fred the peuinguin not dj radio
I posted it, but it was a collaberation between me and other notable knexers from this site including dj radio
one more tactic... grenades grenades and grenade launchers :D
mostly not frag but imploding ones
instruct394 years ago
Primary A- ZKAR v2 or BAW
i like the charging handle on the zkar v2 but the baw has removable mags

Primary B- any type of tr8
pretty much anything with a turret on the end of it is a good gun

Secondary 1- KLS v2 or BSW
BSW has better ammo for a war but the kls v2 is semi-auto with removable mags

secondary 2- TJOS or some other oodamo pistol
tjos has removable mags witch makes it better than most oodamo pistols, any other oodamo pistol would be sufficiant though
tytiger334 years ago
Here is a senerrio in a war. 2 guys stumble across a heavy cannon v1 with an enemy siting in front of it headphones in. The stand is only 6in high...  "Hey what is that. Looks like an arrow.  Yeah you're right. Or a.. I don't want to hear it. Is that an enemy in front of it? Yep, looks like he has headphones in. 'Checks the cannon' Looks like it it's loaded with one big round and 12 flat rounds.Giant shotgun? Yep. Well lets not let a loaded gun go to waste. On the count of 3 we pull the handle. But that could.... 1 kill... 2 him. 3 oh-well FIRE!" You see blood splatter over the gun and the enemy's upper body is nowhere to be seen. All that's left is what is below the muzzle of the gun. Both guys look at eachother, nod and run to the organiser of the war.They told him that they had found the guy like that. The war is shut down and the cannon's owner didn't want it back. So the 2 that caused the accident greedily took the parts and split them between eachother. They both had problems with any guns made with parts from that cannon, they always..... misfired when they were pointed at them selves unfortunenlety the first guns they made were NARs with 10 bands and sharpened ammo pointed at eachothers hearts..... 
kylekosan234 years ago
ik just a week a go i thought knex guns were stupid but now i know that they have WARS and fire RUBBERBANDS kinda like a airsoft gun war i luv airsoft wars but i got bannd idk y my dad said:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
LOL someone forgot the "L" in flag XD
what is the name of the gun in picture3 step 8 on the bottom
The ZKAR. But build v2
rec0n5 years ago
TJSTR 2 is pretty versitile. and it shoots better than all of the other non-bolt action mag feds. shoots forther than my AR4- V3 ever did, too.
tytiger33 rec0n4 years ago
Where can I find the TJSTR 2?
DJ Radio (author)  rec0n5 years ago
If you put all the mods I made on it on the gun, the AR-4 v3 goes around 70 with 3 bands.
No it isnt i build it its a rather nonversitile gun.
It gets 40 feet in range then drops.
how many bands did you put on? mine goes 55-65 ft with 3 sets of 2 tied together #64s.
shimanto4 years ago
im the first subscriber at this page!!!
Dirtyboyy5 years ago
this is teh ultimate war gun

Isn't that a Double TR-18?
yes, it is
Love it ^^^
talk about a mutant of a gun! that is sick
An Villain5 years ago
IT'S OVER 9000!
tahts impossible
 What does the scouter say about his powerlevel?
Lol Ytp for ever
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