Step 5: Guns for different enviroments

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Well this is the section where you go to and find what is right for where. Well obviously as explained in previous steps pistols are good for short range, assault rifles are for medium, and single shots/slingshots are good for distances above 100 feet.  If your hiding and shooting use a slingshot, for the ranges and because they are silent.

Going up close? Use a ZKAR. It hurts and has better ROF than any pistol. Medium range weapons are probably your best bet. They get good ranges going from 50 feet to 80 feet (but 80 is rare for a repeater). Okay like at pandemonium 09' they were playing at a park mostly at a jungle gym TR's and oodammo pistols are great for that. In a forestry area use a slingshot and sit back with lots of ammo and shoot.

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rec0n5 years ago
TJSTR 2 is pretty versitile. and it shoots better than all of the other non-bolt action mag feds. shoots forther than my AR4- V3 ever did, too.
tytiger33 rec0n4 years ago
Where can I find the TJSTR 2?
silentassasin21 (author)  rec0n5 years ago
No it isnt i build it its a rather nonversitile gun.
silentassasin21 (author)  rec0n5 years ago
It gets 40 feet in range then drops.
how many bands did you put on? mine goes 55-65 ft with 3 sets of 2 tied together #64s.
Dirtyboyy4 years ago
this is teh ultimate war gun

Isn't that a Double TR-18?
yes, it is
ytreza4 years ago
yeah nice mooi zo dutch guyy ben je nederlands stuur message naar me