The Complete understanding made simple - GPS with ARDUINO

Picture of The Complete understanding made simple - GPS with ARDUINO

Hi frenzzz... Its been a longtime since i made a little stuff for you all... In this tutorial, i have tried to brief a famous positioning systems being implied in almost every projects.... Even i had very hardship mastering this technologies which i want to make easy for all newbies and project-seekers...

Here i am providing with ways of connecting, testing and programming Global positioning system(GPS) using Arduino... Further, i have worked out projects including each of this technologies...

Lets spark into..... without any further delay.....!!!

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Step 1: Lets know something about GPS

Before getting into the actual instructable down here, i want you all to first know what this stuffs are and how they actually work... Knowing them in detail worths more than just working with code and other connection from google... Lets know something....

GPS, Global Positioning System, is a system for determining location using satellites and some really complex math and general relativity.But regardless of how it works, it is really cool, and pretty inexpensive considering what it is doing. I found above video very helpful..,

Ok, now moving on to the next step...

Step 2: Ground works

Picture of Ground works

By ground works i mention the components you need to get before you can start, for working with this systems you need,

>> Arduino Uno - R3

>> GPS Receiver - EM-506

>> GPS Breakout

>> GPS Shield for Arduino

>> Standard LCD 16x2 display + extras or Basic 16x2 Character LCD

>> 9v battery with connector

andre.aj4011 months ago

GREAT TUTORIAL!! :) Simple and genius work! (Y)

1 question.

Can I get voice navigation like in Google Maps using Arduino and the shield (like you've done here)?