Picture of The Conduit Knex guns
I love the conduit, it is my favorite game and I cant wait for number two to come out on November 3. As a celebration, I am going to build most of the guns on this instructable. I hope you do too!

edit: I'm mad, i went into game stop and asked them when conduit 2 was coming out and they said Nov 3. ALL LIES! it comes out some time in February
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Step 1: Deatomizor mk4

Picture of deatomizor mk4
yes yes i know they are not really deatomizers, but the deatomizer in the conduit was modeled after the Kriss super V
no instructions yet on this site but here are some slide shows and other pictures

never mind here are some instructions

Step 2: Spas 12

Picture of Spas 12
knex spas 12 replica
single shot gun
pump doesn't work
foldable stock

Step 3: Scar

Picture of scar
there are just too many scar instructables for me to look at them all
just search for them yourself and find some good ones and leave it as a comment so i can update

sorry! :(

Step 4: TPC launcher

Picture of TPC launcher
although not exactly like the trust power cell launcher, it is the closest i could find on the web. I've heard it is a very great knex gun

Step 5: SMAW

Picture of SMAW
It doesn't look much like a SMAW but it was as close as I could find.

Step 6: Additions

if you find any other knex guns that resemble guns from the conduit, leave a link in the comments and i will update if they are worthy of it.
O yea.
A slanted hanle and A smaller pump is needed. Other than tjat; goog gun!
i didnt build any of these guns