Step 2: Drill a hole in the can

get the can and remove the lid if there is one.Now flip it upside down and
drill a hole about 3/4 inches big in the center.

Step 3: Put on the balloon

strech the balloon over the top of the can where the lid would go.

Step 4: Put on the rubber band

now after putting on the balloon, take the rubberband and tightly rap it around until the
balloon is totally secure.
Argool5 years ago
this is awesome! i just made one, and it works great! thanks!
EWWWWW your fet are dirty!!! lol
J-Unit7 years ago
if you made it out of a funnel, you would have a really short barrel
put sumtin in it then shoot it at some1. (A pinch of sand stings like hell!!!!!!)
nerfster8 years ago
Dude!!!! Ive made loads of these way easy and I think way cheaper. Ya know the little yoplay yogart cups? Just cut the backs off of them. Get a plastic bag and cut a circle out of it. Then cut a rubber band so it is like a rubber string. Then stick the middle of the rubber band in the middle of the bag circle. Pinch the band and the bag as to make a handle. Tape around the handle pinch. Knot the ends of the band and tape them to the edge of the cup's mouth opening. Pull the handle through the mouth and tape the edges of the circle up over the hole you cut. When you pull the handle and let go, it shoots a ball of air.
vader4068 years ago
u could easily add a handle
PetervG8 years ago
I love it! It's like this one
But you pull something back.
Though, I bought a real store bought one in Montreal.
I'm going to make this with a small container right now.