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Introduction: The Corpse Reviver

This machine mixes a Corpse Reviver #2 cocktail. I built it as part of an artist residency in Vienna in 2009 with the group Monochrom, which, along with the group Shifz, organizes the Roboexotica event every year: a festival of cocktail mixing robots, etc. When asked to design a cocktail machine, I quickly decided the biggest challenge would be to mix and cool the ingredients. The design you see is my solution to this issue: hold the ingredients, then release them through a diffuser over ice, then recombine them in a funnel. The idea for the cocktail came from my sister Caitlin, a cocktail genius, and lent itself to the medieval alchemy theme created by the glassware and the blackened steel parts.



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    This is stunning work, will be looking for instructions!!!!!!!

    A very nice machine, but no instructions. Will you be adding them?

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    I have some process images I can annotate and post. It'll take a few days. Thanks!

    Beautiful work! Did you also make the Vise-Grip tool?

    I cannot begin to tell you where my imagination took off to after reading the name and taking a first look at the design. Even after learning what it does (and a positive "ouch"-feeling) I love the design and the implications.