Knex "Racing" Car


Introduction: Knex "Racing" Car

About: I make alot of stuff out of lego and knex c: i also like building gaming computers and gadgets c:

This is one little car i made 2 years ago. it started as a plan for this car to look like for racing back then, until it ended up looking like a car for the military lol. the car started as a simple car with no suspension, steering, doors, headlights, etc. until it evolved time by time. and until now this is what i have :D this will continue to change its shape and specs. this looks a lil bad i know lol. Will post more updates and photos soon!

modifications for this car in the future:

Compact Suspension and steering

RWD car

motor powerd engine to move the car

Adjustable steering wheel

Audio system

and a stronger chassis



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    After you commented on my rally car saying "it looks like mine" i immediately thought id look at yours and it does!! Awesome car man, I hope that you modify it even better like i have have done over the years. P.s, Maybe add an engine like mine??! for more awesome detail?

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    Cool looking car. Thanks for sharing!