A extruder is useful for making fast coils of clay, handles, and decorative parts.  most extruders come in two types, a wall mount (instructable in progress) and todays project, a easy and simple Clay Gun.

insers the prepared tube, fill with soft clay, and crank the handle....  just like a plydough machine....  on;ly more useful.....

this clay gun cost under 10$ and makes enough tubes for 3 diffrent die heads, though the parts are cheap enohugh to make a bunch.

Step 1:

 the parts:

you will need:

a caulk gun frame- I picked up this one for 4.95 at the local hardware store-  this is a 13 inch gun, designed to use the "regular" sized tubes of glue and caulk

a length of 1 1/2 inch schedule 40 PVC Pipe, this peice is 5 foot long and cost $2.30

1 1/2 inch caps to use as die heads i bout 4 at 70 cents a peice

1 1/2 inch test cap  this was 35 cents for 2.

you will also need a marker, a hacksaw with a sharp blade and a mesuring device.
<p>Anybody figured out how to modify the caulk gun DIY clay extruder to create HOLLOW extrusions?</p><p>I made the extruder of this instructable with small changes. I created a pusher from a piece of rubber[looked into hardware store until I found right thickness &amp; trimmed it -backed by metal disk[washers]. I used pipe end caps for the die ends. This is a bit more robust extruder to be used by a group of students. Creating the dies does require use of drill and dremel type tool to carve the thicker pipe caps. Note I also sanded the pipe barrel end on which the pipe caps are placed to prevent difficulty in removing the pipe caps. I use the same pipe barrel with multiple pipe cap dies. Also multiple pipe barrels for different COLORED clays.[Don't trust the cleaning habits of multiple users].</p>
Well, silly me. I didn't make a seal like you show; just the regular &quot;pusher&quot; from the caulking gun worked fine for me. I get very little blow by clay in use. But, clay probably works differently than some of the other things mentioned by others.
Neat! I may just build one to demonstrate my roller seals.
I love the idea of the interchangeable dies. This is so cheap too; I could never bring myself to drop the scratch for a &quot;professional&quot; one. Now I can make one with all kinds of crazy shapes. :)
Hey moose, How about something like a can crusher for a wall mounted unit? You could cut you pattern holes in the side of the tube. Just a quick notion...
Im working on modifiying this Extruder by North Main Pottery,<br /> Ive been working on a few diffrent projects, not to mention trying to get enough finished work done for the spring sale.<br /> <br /> heres a &quot;Can Crusher&quot;&nbsp; extruder, built by North Main Pottery:<br /> <br /> <a href="http://www.northmainstudio.com/2015862.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.northmainstudio.com/2015862.html</a><br /> <br />
my Biggest change is going to be converting the pipe from 2 inch pvc, to 4 inch ABS. I discovered that a end cap for a 3 1/2 abs pipe fits tightly inside a 4 inch ABS pipe to make a plunger head...&nbsp; Tests are underway.&nbsp; the head caps will be a screw in clean out plug.&nbsp;&nbsp; I dont know if that will hadle the pressure though, as I said, Tests are underway.
anyone thinking of play doh right now ! <br /> <br /> Im going to use this with a small nozzle (made out of bic pen) for other things such as grease etc<br />
for a tube with a nozzle, jobar sent me this link,<br /> http://www.jamestowndistributors.com/userportal/show_product.do?pid=2467<br /> <br /> <br /> but far be it for me tto tell you you cant make one..<br /> <br /> Im already experimenting with this. on how to make a decorating nozzle with a cake tube....<br /> <br /> 191 uses, even stuffing sausage casings it seems....<br />
They do make empty tubes. They are for epoxy work on boats. See here:<br /> http://www.jamestowndistributors.com/userportal/show_product.do?pid=2467<br />
this device has less back pressure than the commercial unit that I paind 70$ for from bailey's.. the idea was for my Ladies to have a smaller, less arm twisting device they could use during&nbsp;my pottery group meetings.<br /> <br /> becasue the cap I found fit so tiughtly, i havent had any probloems with leaks, and the nose/die cap is being pressed on..&nbsp; its all a tight fit..&nbsp; the only thing I glued was the test cap to the gun frame..<br /> <br /> you may have to sand the sides of the cap to make it fit, and this may not work in a circular frame calk gun..&nbsp;&nbsp; (you know I looked and nobody makes empty calk tubes, odd)<br /> <br /> if you want to use this for eadibles, you will have to use a food grade adhesive for the end cap, be casue Liquid nailes has formelaldayde in it.<br /> <br /> its a cheap trick..&nbsp; the table top version is comming, im working out some bugs, ill post it when I get done
This will have plenty of uses, good stuff.<br /> <br /> L<br />
Nice Job!&nbsp; I can see a couple of dozen uses for this thing, from grout to jerky stick mix....<br /> <br /> Did you have any issues with getting a good seal on the plunger?&nbsp; Some stuff out there really will try to get around a bad seal...especially if the desired outflow is small and creates backpressure...<br /> <br /> I&nbsp;can see my forearm aching already from a day of squeezing out clay.&nbsp; We'll have to figure out a way to make the plunger seal removable and adapt this for one of those battery/rechargable guns!<br /> <br />

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