the Countryside, Doublewide, BLT Grilled Cheese





Introduction: the Countryside, Doublewide, BLT Grilled Cheese

My daughter and I discussed my making BLT's for dinner but her mother wanted grilled cheese and tomato soup and I thought .. well.. why not combine them.. here's is how I did it !

Step 1: List of Characters

You're going to need the usual things for a BLT, a pound of bacon, some ripe tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise and cheese of choice and of course bread

Step 2: It's BACON !

I'm cooking at my daughters house and her cast iron skillet works best if the bacon is cut in half, cook the bacon to the degree your family prefers

Step 3: Loaded Grilled Cheese

I made my loaded grilled cheese by spreading mayonnaise on a slice of bread and laying it spread side down in the pan I used to cook the bacon then I laid down a slice of onion, a slice of velveeta and a slice of tomato and topped with another slice of bread with the mayonnaise face up. You'll need two of these or...

Step 4: Plain Grilled Cheese

I made a whole griddle full of grilled cheese for those who don't like onion and tomato INSIDE their sandwich, the process is the same, slather on the mayo and lay the bread down on the griddle, top with cheese and another slice of mayo slathered bread, repeat 8 times

Step 5: Building the Countryside, Doublewide, BLT and Grilled Cheese

take 2 loaded grilled cheese sandwiches, slather on some more mayonnaise (good thing I used the healthy olive oil version huh!) lay down your tomato, bacon and lettuce then add the top grilled cheese

Step 6: Enjoy

This sandwich is totally decadent and delightfully tasty it is also extremely messy especially for the more hirsute of us. Serve with good old tomato soup and chips as in the pic of my granbrats simple grilled cheese. For a creamier soup I've always followed my moms guidance of using milk in place of water when you make the soup, a pat of real butter floated on the top of your mug full takes it home



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    Tried it and that recipe is spectacular

    Thank You Hollyangrace for both comments ! I think of this as more of an inspiration or guide than a recipe, which I think needs to be followed exactly, like for baking, but I'm glad that you tried it and enjoyed it regardless of the nomenclature.

    I have no idea what that means but thank you for leaving a comment

    ahh, sorry, lecker is german and means the same as "yummy" or "num num".

    thanx for the countryside, I tried it and it tasted great. Also my children loved it.

    OK! I was hoping it was something like that, I'm glad everyone enjoyed it. The idea of grilled cheese"buns" has not been fully explored, like 2 swiss cheese grilled cheese with sauerkraut and pastrami or pepperjack sandwiches with chicken salad.. the possibilities are mind boggling !

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, love the pics !

    OMG!!that looks sooooooooooooo tasty

    another FEATURE ! ! cha-CHING !