This object exists for the sole purpose of allowing me to say, "I made a clipboard out of paper and crayons..."
For the record, it also took about 10oz of resin and some clipboard-specific hardware, but that doesn't roll off the tongue as easily.

Step 1: Making Micarta

The base of the board is going to be micarta!

What is micarta? It is a very strong and durable material comprised of either paper or cloth adhered together with resin. In this case, we're going to use paper. Specifically, 12 sheets of black cardstock I picked up at the office supply store.

The process for making micarta is simple. Lay down a sheet of paper, pour on some resin and then use a glue roller to spread it out evenly. Add another sheet and repeat. Be sure to wear gloves and lay down some parchment or wax paper on your work surface as this is a super messy process

The resin I'm using is called ArtResin and it was my first time with this product. I mixed up 3oz, and it was more than enough to cover all 12 sheets. One nice thing about this resin I was using, was that it has a 45min working time. So there was zero need to rush. It took about 20 minutes to do all 12 sheets of paper.

Leave the last sheet dry. Just like a sandwich (because who wants mayo on the outside?!)

I then added a second sheet of parchment paper to the top of the stack and then a wide board on top of that to evenly spread out the load. The wieght, in this case, was just 2 - 1-gallon paint cans I had on hand. That's all there is to it. You don't need clamps, the resin will cure hard and bond well since it has been absorbed into the sheets.

<p>What Resin did you use? When I look for resin I usually find either casting resin, or industrial-grade Epoxy.</p>
<p>how did you come up with this incredible idea !!??!!</p>
<p>I love the technique! To bad that the beautiful colors are hidden behind the paper you write on.</p>
<p>Entertaining and great project! Thanks for sharing.</p>
Enjoyed the humor as well as the Instructables! I plan to try my hand at Nicaea used for pen (lathe) turning. THANKS!
<p>Like, totally groovy, dude! ✌☮</p>
<p>Thanks Mike!! </p>
Didn't know you had an Instructables page. Love the channel!
Awesome job! Didn't know micarta existed, so thank you for sharing. The crayon and torching was a great touch.
Thank you! Micarta is a very fun material to work wth! I hope you give it a try.

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