The Crazy Cool Can-Cup (Aka; How to Turn a Pop Can Into a Cup)





Introduction: The Crazy Cool Can-Cup (Aka; How to Turn a Pop Can Into a Cup)

How to turn a pop can into a cup.

Step 1: What You Need

You need:
  • a can
  • a can opener

Step 2: How to Make the Cup

Remove the top from the can with the can-opener, just like you're opening a regular can. It's that easy! If you did it right, there shouldn't be any sharp edges.

Step 3: Ideas

Your done! That was easy!

Here are some ideas for other uses of this:
- cut a pattern into the can and make candle holders
- give away as presents
- chuck at your friends
- wear on your ears
- keep your salamanders organized

Okay, I'll stop.



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    Awesome! But I wonder if there is a way to (economically) replace the thin layer with a thicker, more permanent layer to seal the aluminum. Normally I would not care, but currently there are Thor Dr. Pepper cans, and I'd love to have a set as cups, but later it will not be possible to get more with Thor in them to replace... any ideas on making a more permanent sealing layer?

    you might want to sand it. on a can, even though it seems safe, it can still cut. i woudnt try to drink from it.

    Did you make one? I just did, and if you get the opener in there just right it comes out perfectly without one sharp surface!

    Very nice I suppose sanded down Painted you could definetly make some nice drinking glasses with these (sterilizing it first lol)

    dont use the can to long because the can slowly loses it's sterilazaiton. not clean

    So why couldn't I just clean it? Is there anything in cans that degrades/dissolves I should be aware of?

    Im not quite sure. i just showed this to my doctor friend s and thats what they said.

    It's not sterilisation that's the problem. It's the can itself. To prevent the aluminium in the can from leeching into the contents, drinks and food cans are coated with a layer of plastic or varnish. By removing part of the can, you expose the boundary of this coating, creating an area where liquids can penetrate the interface between the coating and the can. The coating seperates and breaks apart with repeated use, exposing the metal of the can to your drink. Not good. (information courtesy of the canada film board, lol) Generally it's a bad idea to consume metals in any quantity greater than the traces found in your everyday diet.

    I've always read that it was an oxide layer that forms on aluminum, after a couple of hours, that keeps it sterile and safe to handle.