Picture of The Cream Cheese Deodorant Prank
The cream cheese deodorant prank is a simple prank that takes next to no time to set up and is sure to make you laugh.  (I can't guarantee that the person having this done to them will see the humor in it.)
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Step 1:

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"Borrow" his deodorant.  Then find some cream cheese and a small spoon.

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Step 2:

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Screw the bottom deel-e-owe to push all of the deodorant up.

Step 3:

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Using your spoon, push the cream cheese in the deodorant container and shape it.

Step 4:

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 It's all about the detail at this point.   I thought adding a small hair was a realistic touch.

Step 5:

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After you put the cap back on, put his deodorant back in his manly "Love / Dream"  flower box.  Now just sit back and wait.

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You people are evil
rrkrose3 years ago
I did this to my sister a couple of years ago and it was hilarious.
Holy Hell this is Awesome! Great Idea =]
JHiskey (author)  nokittymypotpi33 years ago
Thanks! Glad you liked it. I have several more on my prank website called Prankked.com. Feel free to check it out, or stay tuned here to instructables, I'll be posting one a week. =)