This may work and it may need tweaking either way it's my theory on how to scare critters from your garden or flowerbeds 

You Will need

Scrap wood 1/4" thick 

1/4" Dowel rod

2" x 2" x 3' board 

Tin foil

An outdoor wood glue

1 flat washer with a 1/4" center hole 

1 fender washer with a 1/8" center hole 

a small 1/2" drywall screw 

Step 1: Fine Points

The hole in the center should be slightly larger than the 1/4" dowel rod  but not to big or instead of spinning the flower will wobble .

Space out your pedals evenly or your flower will be to heavy on one side and not spin in the wind .

Use a very good grade of wood glue made for outside exposure .

Spread your glue on your pedals thinly and evenly as to not weigh down one more than the other.

Center drill your 1/4" dowel rod before inserting the screw or it will split the dowel rod and spread the rod and keep the flower from spinning .

Sharpen your 3' 2x2 at the bottom so it's easier to put into the ground .

Push your plastic tab block 1/8" into the back of the flower blades so that the blade spins freely in a light breeze and more might hinder it's movement 

( If my Theory is correct  reflection and noise with movement will scare off any pests that might bother your garden for an extra aside hang a small bag from the center of the 2x2 with a small bare of soap in it to keep away deer and other critters who scatter at smell instead of movement )

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