The Crome Eagle Mini Rifle




Introduction: The Crome Eagle Mini Rifle

This is a very comfortable held rifle, very fun to shoot. Intricuit, and extreme power. The gun will shoot up to 75 feet. It got its name by how it shoots the projectile. You will get better distance if you angle it up. But, the flat angle still has a good, long shot. It is perfect as a long range rifle or a sniper. Well, I would like votes from all of you guys out there to tell me if I should post an intructables. Also it can pierce three pieces of folded paper in one shot, also varrying distance away from target. Bye, and hope you like it!



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I've got a new pistol I'm done with. I'm going to post it soon.

Actually, I made it, not good power. So I will make a different one

I actually am building something more impressive. I was going to do something else so it works out well.

It's.... Ok for a first try. But no, don't post. Wait till you get really good.

You're wearing a T-shirt?

No, an A-shirt. I don't know why I posted that box anyway. Lol.

Ohh, I misread that.


its good for a first attempt