Several Cub scouts in the pack wanted to go Ice fishing this year.   So I started to think of how we could get equipment very cheaply.  Last summer I found an Ice auger at a yard sale for $15 and I knew then we could go.  The only other problem was the tip ups.  After a quick trip to the sporting goods store, wow thats what there are getting for tip ups. I needed a cheeper way of making inexpensive tip ups.  The cheapest tip ups I found on line was $5 and they were cheaply made. So that was the goal stay under $5 and recycle as much as possible.  

In Massachusetts each Licensed fisherman can have five tip ups. Of course you want to bring a friend of child ( child of licensed fisherman can also have five) and some extras in case of epic failure.  So plan on making at least 10 I taking 12 scouts fishing and do not plan on making 60 holes in the ice (although I would a right arm like rocky.  The auger made it threw five before epic failure. Large pry bar to the rescue)

Step 1: Stuff


3 - Wood 1/2" x 1/2" x 18"                          Free 
2- #4 1 1/2" machine screws                    $7.54 per 50
2- #4 Wing nuts                                           $.98   per   6
1- #6 2" Screws                                           $4.97 per 100
1-#6 nuts                                                      $3.77 per 100
1- #4 1/2" machine screw (the kind the switch plates are held on with)  $7.54
Old bike spokes (largest rim you can find)     Free in basement
Aquarium Hose 1/4 inch                            Free Found in basement
Wire staples for staple gun                        $3.26
1- 1/2 Wire staple (the kind that holds romex to the wall)    Left over from job 
Old electrical fish tape                                $10 at ACE Hardware  (Had in tool box)
Duct tape (fancy colored)                           Free  ($3.50 new)
Several old cd's (2 per tip up) (Canning Jar lids)  (Saving since AOL)
1 1/4 PVC pipe (or 3/4 PVC fake wood trim)   Free leftover from soda bottle rocket
PVC glue                                                       $3.79
Sheet of 1/8 PVC                                         Left over from bathroom re-model
Pony beads (brightly colored)
Hooks and line                                             $4.96 per 100m

Price per tip up about $2.25  in hardware  $1.00 in tools  (stapler)

Table saw and safety equipment
Chop saw
Wire staple gun with staples (Arrow T25)                      $20 didn't have one
Drill or Drill press with assorted drill bits
Wire cutter or clippers
Screw driver
Vice grips and or pliers (needle nose)
What is it
its for ice fishing
Good instructable. I built a few for myself although I changed the materials and design slightly to use things I already had on hand. I did use CDs for the reels but found that in the cold they became brittle and broke very easily. I think the metal can lids and epoxy might be the way to go. I just made a couple of the can lid reels up and hope to test them this weekend.
Thanks. The reel was the biggest problem in making these. i was talking to a red neck at the store he bought cheep fishing line at walmart and recycled the reels and saved the line for summer fishing,
Yes, that might be a better way to go, if you can get the right type of spools. My tin can lid spools have not broken yet, but they are not as strong as I would like them to be. Definitely not as strong as the injection molded plastic ones that come with a store purchased tip up.
I was looking at some in an antique store last summer and they used a peice of wood shaped like an "H" about one inch wide cut out of 3/4 stock about three inches long with a bolt threw the cross peice of the "H"
Great Ible!!!! Its interesting. Really good though. I know people who would lay down a 2x4 and drill a hole in it, put in long pipe attach a flag and then tie the line to the pipe . Then they would anchor it and lay it with the flag down so the flag was touching the ice. when a fish would bite, the flag would rise!!!!! It worked. Should I make an ible for it?
thanks go for it
Excellent job on this ible! I'm sure the kids (and kids at heart) had a great time making and using these. Did ja' catch any fish though?
no fish, we had a bad spot, but they had fun. New item on the bucket list catch a fish. I want $30 worth of fish to cover the license. If anybody makes one of these and catches a fish please send me a picture.

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