Hello everyone. This project is all about a crazy what-to-do??? device. The use of it's parts have endless possibilities. We can keep our favorite small things like in-ear headphones, or kept on the desk as a decor when the lights are off, kept as a keychain or key dock, or else the keys can be kept inside too. This can also be kept in the pocket (of course, a large pocket.). you can also gift this gift box as the gift. And this an extremely simple project, which contains a simple, manual and physical tilt sensor.

Step 1: Things Needed

Most of these things will be available even on the garage, where I found out these.

1) A firm and small box. cardboard and plastic recommended, and you can also decorate them.
2) Two LEDs. ( One with multi color and another one with white is purely recommended.)
3)battery(s). I always use my trustworthy 9v battery.
4) wires. to connect everything.

Tilt Sensor:
1) A small spring. It can be found even on clickable ballpoint pens.
2) A large bead for the weight above the spring
3) copper wire. (that is the wire without insulation.)
4) bendable steel wire.

Tools: optional.
1) sticky tape or duct tape,
2) stapler
3) sugru, or modelling clay
4) solid battery connecting plugs. 

And now we're ready to go.

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