Introduction: The D-Frag Knex Grenade

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this reached 4.28 stars and was the 2nd highest rated knex instructable behind the card shuffler.

Well heres where I tell you its my first real instructable be nice and all that other stuff. but I wont. If you want to say this sucks well you can. It is a new frag grenade i have designed and built after wanting more actual explosives on this site so here you are.

it has a blast radius of more than 3 meters
it can be used a a booby trap
doesn't just shatter
wont blow up in your pocket like a loaded splodie

Step 1: Parts List

Picture of Parts List

What You Will Need:

2 white
2 blue
2 yellow

2 grey
2 orange
3 red

1 64 rubberband
2 black Y socket clips
24 blue spacers or 8 silver spacers

Step 2: How to Build

Picture of How to Build

Follow the pics and post a comment if you need help
make sure when you put them on sideways or the grenade may explode prematurely.

Step 3: Arming and Using

Picture of Arming and Using

Swivel the two arms 180 degrees hold in your throwing hand.
put both black clips into a vertical postion and throw.


wezils tuts (author)2014-05-11

finally a good one

Renn645 (author)2012-12-24

Deadly. Lethal. Epic

nuttyboy812 (author)2012-02-21

i modded it into a sort of masterkey, although very unreliable it is overpowered when it does work if anybody cares about it tell me and i might post it

skyfaller (author)2011-10-02

Haha, i remember this. My first knex thing i ever made!

drlanator (author)2011-08-06

epic bomb! i has a kitty named nyan!!!!!!!!!

~Aeronous~ (author)2010-08-04

It blows up in midair.

Randomguy65 (author)~Aeronous~2010-08-07

So do you.

~Aeronous~ (author)Randomguy652010-08-08


Randomguy65 (author)~Aeronous~2010-08-08


AJBrawlLvr (author)Randomguy652011-02-05

this should be featured just for that conversation ^^

Randomguy65 (author)AJBrawlLvr2011-02-05

I just died laughing. *dies*

Dumchicken (author)Randomguy652011-03-10


(YOUR N (author)~Aeronous~2010-08-13

i blew up my chickin *cheese*

~Aeronous~ (author)(YOUR N2010-08-13


(YOUR N (author)~Aeronous~2010-11-06

wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf twtf

TheFoofinator (author)2010-06-18

This has beaten the Tr 18 OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (btw I did that :))

I just wanted something to beat the tr18, so I rated 5* and tr18 0.5* cos i'm a rebel and this is awsome. >:-)

Hiyadudez (author)TheFoofinator2010-06-27

You better have rated it back up...

TheFoofinator (author)Hiyadudez2010-06-27

Don't worry... look where the tr18 is now!

Electroinnovation (author)2010-06-18

did not work for me. any tips?

well you want to use a tight rubber band, as a loose one won't fire the grenade. also you can clip a dark grey connector onto the bottom of a orange connector and have the hole holding the other orange connector. so whats actually the problem?

Millawi Legend (author)2010-06-19

Lol why is this 2nd highest rated thing?

coz it's awsome

travw (author)2009-09-20

Actually, I'm surprised at how well this works. I like it a lot. Although it is a pain to pick up a bunch of blue spacers, so I use 4 grey ones each.

Fred the Penguin (author)travw2009-09-20

thanks! What surprises me is that this has such a low rating, it is an incredibly good grenade, and whats more its low piece and easy to use. just a hint dont leave the bands on or they wont work as well

Yeah, I agree. 4.20 stars is an incredibly low rating... :P

.... it seems people have come to their senses since i posted that comment.

Come on, take a joke!

Not exactly, low rated anymore XD

true, first actual ible as well =)

DUDE! Its now the third highest rated ible.

I noticed XD

knex_mepalm (author)2009-05-22

An actual working one, can I mod this, say you made the original one, and post it? 6*s

Go for it!

could you give me the mech some guy told me to mod it, but i didn't build it yet, just explain the mech please

the arms swivel back streching the rubber band, when the two black clips are moved into the armed position and you let go of the arms the band will snap the arms forward, shooting off the rings.

Thanks, thats what i thought, im going to build it and make a deconstructed model.

its quite simple huh?

Yeah....Now i gotta figure out how to mod this....hmm adding a spray might...*ouch* my eye.


"????" for what? spray means like it drops down like the "rubberbandless, springless knex grenades" Hey is K'nex(proper and difficult spelling) pronounced 'cuhnex' or 'kaynex'

i say kuh-necks

TigerNod (author)2009-06-28

Really nice, but I like the ones builder968 made better. Still worth a 4.0 though.

thanks but i have a bomb version that uses proper splodies

Like how? Could you post a picture of it?

its basicly two d-frags joined, the white rods have been replaced with two yellow rods. the 12 splodies fit in between them i get a pic but i have shortage of orange connectors at the moment so i cant make any sploidies to arm it ='(

You seriously don't? Man, how do you ever think to complete project Firestorm if don't even have enough pieces to build a grenade?

no i currently dont have enough orange connectors because they have all been used on various prototypes

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