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As promised, to the 1400+ pair of eyeballs that did wandered through the last instructable, here's the plans for the artichoke lamp.

A bit of history...

The design is based on this  1950s pendant lamp, designed by

All you need is scissors, some Polypropylene sheet from the craft store (in UK try Paperchase) and paper fasteners 

See next step for the templates.

Step 1: The templates

I have decided to use only PDF for the templates, many people seems exasperated as to how to open those EMS file using the free CAD program from eMachine shop. If you want them, put in the comments.

You need to print 1 copy each of Artichoke Branch and Artichoke Stem. 5 copies each of Artichoke leaves part 1 and part 2.

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