Step 3: Easter Egg! An instructable within an instructable!

While I was working on this thing, I thought it might be a good idea to show this other thing...

How to modify your coffee table into a desk! Bonus!

You can either try this fellow instructor's solution:

Or you can buy it from:

It cost roughly US$70++ (£40) to ship it to UK (They upgraded mine to DHL!), but compared to the cost of getting a new desk and running out of space, I think it is a good deal. The mechanism is actually quite well-made, if you have a heavy coffee table, it is not a problem, it comes with attachable springs to counter the weight.

The no assembly is required, all you need to do is retrofit the support beam with strip wood 20x40mm, I had only a hacksaw and a regular power drill to managed this! Easy-Peasy!  (^_^)

See photo for details.

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