The Durable ObvallateNemophilist Stove

..... or it could just stand for my name.

** Don't do this! There are sharp edges and you may get hurt. **

I wanted to make an alcohol stove that was durable, versatile, used no chemical sealants, and was made out of readily available recycled materials and this is what I came up with.

It is a double walled, can stove, made from two cans. The exterior can (top) being an aluminium soft drink can bottom, and the interior, a soup can bottom. I chose a soup can because of it's diameter, strength, and the ridges in the side of the can. The ridges provide rounded edges for the aluminum can to stretch over and seal against.

The stove body construction, itself, is the main reason for this Instructable. I have included a couple of stove designs and accessories for ideas.

BONUS side effect..... perhaps - The base if ferrous and will stick to magnets, which may be useful for storage or securing it in place, in a wind screen type setup.


1 each 284 ml/10 ounce soup can
1 each 355 ml aluminum soda pop can

1 each felt tip marker for marking cuts and holes
1 ea pair of crappy scizzors (what I use), or other device, for cutting cans
Utility knife if req'd
1 ea thumb tack, or similar device, for poking holes.
Drill bit, or other device, for enlarging holes as req'd
Check it out, I made one! Now, forgive my ignorance, but what kind of alcohol should I be using in this? Rubbing alcohol just blows itself out, and Wild Turkey doesn't do anything at all!<br>
Heat, but only use the yellow bottle.
Ethanol. Everclear or Heat that comes in yellow bottles. Also denatured alcohol. <br>
Excellent! I use methyl hydrate and it can be found in the paint thinner section of any hardware store.
isopheric will probably work the best its 92% and like $3.00 at target <br>
Lothar1511 I'm trying o understand the inner wall- is that just a soda can wall cut and resized and put in the middle? How does that work? And thanks for the instruct able- the soup can is a good idea and I think eliminates some of the problems with just using 2 cans.
Would you be willing to sell one?
This is nice. Good idea with the soup can. Most alcohol stove designs I've seen use 2 soda cans that can be tricky to put together. The problem (for me) is getting the right alcohol.
Wonderful instructable, wonderful photos! Being a bit naive here, but what is the temperature range of a stove like this? I have immediate need for such a stove, and thanks to your guide, have found use for some of the trash my wife tells me I'll never use and should get rid of. <br /> <br />This is a great idea for those of us obsessed with repurposing rather than recycling! <br /> <br />Thanks for sharing your creation!
Thanks and you're welcome. Repurposing is my obsession. <br> <br>I have no idea of the temperature range as I'm just a beginner, messing around, and wanted a slap together anywhere stove body, using minimal tools.
Nice work. I have learned a lot about alcohol stoves this summer yet you still taught me new things. Great job.
Thanks. I'm just a beginner myself.
Really nice design but i noticed that the stove wasn't as hot as some of the other stoves iv made in the past so i added a Inner Wall works like a charm now thanks for the more durable stove
You're quite welcome.<br><br>I'm glad someone who might have more use for it than I, took it and ran with it. I had to get it outta my head and down on.... ummm..... not paper.

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