Introduction: The Dad's Belt. :)

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The belf from buffalo's leather. It was a present. Actually, I did two belts simultaneously, one for my dad and one for my dad-in-law.

Step 1: Making a Holes for Hand Sewing

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First I draw a line with my groover. Then I have special device called leather puncer or chisel for 4 holes - you may see it on the picture. I made the holes with my punch.

Step 2: Hand Sewing

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Then I did sewing with two needles (I address you to the book of Stohlman - his instructions how to sew leather by hands are very informative). it took me two evenings, total about 3-4 hours

Step 3: The "glamour" :)

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I decided to make some design on one of the belts. And the other one got my logo. :) On the first belt I did geometric lines first by awl through the paper sample and after that I used groover again. and the second belt I sew by sewing machine and it was much quicker than by hands, but the line actually was less beautiful than by hands.

Step 4: The Buckle

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Antique brass buckle.

I attached the buckle. A missed with the thickness of the leather - it was very thick. and screw wasn't enough. So a screw only three layers of the leather and from the behind I glue the last layer. After assembling all together - final dyieing and polishing. I polished leather with carnauba wax.


Izzypup (author)2016-01-12

The belts are beautiful but I think an "Instructable" needs more instruction. You told us what you did but not how. I'd love to know more about the how so I can try it myself.
You've done a beautiful job and I bet the dads were thrilled with their belts!

Shmelka (author)Izzypup2016-01-13

Well, thank you for the good words - actually it was my first experience with the belts. :) And I will try to give more explicit instructions.

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